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Travelling Soon? Get A Copy Of "Where Should I Go in Southeast Asia" Ebook By Lois Yasay

 It was in March when I scored a part-time job to go anywhere in the Philippines for a secret reviewing task. This means free roundtrip flight, hotel stipend and most of all I get paid. The amount is just enough but for someone who is crazy about travelling this is a dream come true. I'm now preparing for my 4th destination in the coming weeks. I was thinking all along that this task would only be within the Philippines but I learned that there are also out of the country trips especially in Southeast Asia to come soon.  That is why I said to myself I need to grab a copy of the ebook "Where Should I Go in Southeast Asia" by  Lois Yasay,  Editor in Chief and co-founder of We Are Sole Sisters blog. 

Why of all the massive free online information regarding the same place about what to see and whatnots, why I chose her e-book?

Back in 2011 when travel blogs especially those authored by  Filipinas are just starting to boom, Lois and her former travel buddy are one of my favorites  whenever I need a daily dose of inspiration about embarking on a dream trip. Even until now that travel blogs of women advocating solo travels and finding their passion online have mushroomed exponentially, I still find myself checking her blog. 

And it's not about the destinations she has been to that I always look forward to read in her posts. It's actually the stories she made along the way. She is not merely blogging about the itineraries she completed.  What she does is she writes her heart out of the joys, sorrows and in-betweens of her trips. She knows how to romance with the right words  to captivate our itchy feet exactly how she wants us to start packing our bags for our next trip.

I am more of a fan of her and her blog actually. As a matter of fact I have joined a few of her events:  Glampackers to Poorpackers talk at ROX in 2011, seen her host the Travel Massive, surprised to bumped shoulders with her during a pubcrawl bar tour and most recently joined two of her seminars  the"Create Freedom Online".  

Lois Yasay in About Page

What is this "Where Should I Go in Southeast Asia" ebook all about?

This is a personal guide she wrote out of her six-month trip to 9 southeast asian countries few years back: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and of course the Philippines.

She shares her inside recommendations on where to stay, what to eat and what to do. She made it so hands-on and artistic with the help of artist Marie Pottiez by adding hand-drawn map, sketches and images.

Screenshot of one of the pages

This may not be the most comprehensive and complete resource for the ultimate backpacking adventure in Southeast Asia but this is one of the most heart-felt guide I have  ever read.   The details given are simple and short so you aren't bombarded with so many things to choose from. You only get a handful of recommendations and it is all up to you to choose from.  Plus we kind of share the same interests like immersing in the nature more, culture and heritage, she is also loves sunsets,  eating local cuisines et cetera. 

I have only been to Singapore and Malaysia. I am going to Vietnam and Thailand  before this year ends whether my travel assignment brings me there or not. I am certainly going there. 

Below are her personal recommendations I would definitely do in any of these SE Asia countries:

Singapore : Try these  chili crabs, I have never heard of these when I went there then
visit most of their amusement parks
Malaysia:  Take a ride at on a rickshaw then go on a street art hunting. 
Cambodia:  Of course a visit to the  Angkor Wat in Siem Reap then check out Ban Lung. I want to see  the crater lake, hill tribe villages and do elephant treks.
Vietnam: I missed my flight to Vietnam and Thailand last year when a family emergency happened.  This time I Want to go on pure street food eating adventure: pho soup, bahn mi, and their iced coffee!
Thailand: What is a visit here without checking their floating markets and temples of Ayutthaya
Laos: Stay at a river village with no connection to the outside world in Muoang Ngoi. Then observe monks begging for alms at dawn.
Indonesia:  Want to eat nasi campur, babi guling and ayam goreng. Then rent a motorbike to see temples and their versions of rice terraces.
Myanmar: Take a full day boat tour at the Inle Lake while watching the unique way how fisherman catch fish there. Then visit a temple by the water and a monastery with jumping cats.

Of course to our home country Philippines though I have visited almost half of the provinces already, I want to do these too: biking in Batanes and surfing in Siargao or Baler.

"Where Should I Go in Southeast Asia?" is 50% art, 50% guide and 100% inspiration. So there you go, I have so much tell about this ebook but I suggest you get the full copy for only $12.99.   Please click here for more details.


  1. Thank you so much for taking time to write a heartfelt and sincere review Rona. This means a lot to us. We wish you many happy adventures!

  2. thanks karen :) cge will check this one out