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Dream Hotel Bangkok Blog Review

dream hotel bangkok thailand
Pic credit - Rochelle Miko Rivera

Dream Hotel Bangkok is literally a dream hotel. Spent my 2 nights here and couldn't agree more that it is indeed a place where travelers and tourists who are looking for extra luxury stay when in Bangkok. Lacking sleep and looking haggard from my flight, I took a taxi from Suvarnabhumi airport that costs freaking 300 baht (did not know about that Skytrain yet). After 45 minutes, I arrived in Dream Hotel Bangkok. I was first escorted to the main building to check in. A nice, wide and chilly vibe that greeted me. All my tiredness disappeared when this good - looking guy with pearly-white perfect teeth greeted me in the reception and helped me check in fast. The next thing I know is that I am once again lead to the other building which is just located a street - cross away for 3 minutes.  What I like the most is that, they have a resident security guard whose main task is to help their guests cross safely. When there are lots of vehicles passing, he will be the one to signal these to stop while we the guests cross the street.

dream hotel in bangkok thailand

Using my keycard, I quickly took a 2-minute ride via the elevator and finally saw our suite room that's so big and luxurious, I honestly don't want to go out anymore. It looks like a posh apartment with a dining table, a couch, an office table and 2 huge flat TV screens (1 at the sala and another 1 at the room). I noticed some complimentary local desserts made of coconut and paired with coco water inside the coconut shelf. I turned on the aircon and in a minute or so, I was on a completely bliss state.  

dream hotel in bangkok thailand

Our room is so huge. I shared it with fellow blogger Rochelle whom I just met for the first time. We love everything inside our Dream Hotel Bangkok's room - the robe, complete toiletries in our bathroom with a nice bath tub. The refrigerator is full with items you can buy - wine, alcohol, chips, et cetera. After all my stuff from my backpack have been kept from the big cabinets and drawers, I succumbed to the soft and big hotel bed. I fell asleep in no time!

dream hotel in bangkok thailand

I woke up in the morning feeling fresh with an empty tummy looking for a heavy breakfast. I know I was in the right place at the right time because, Dream Bangkok Hotel offers buffet breakfast! I don't know what to put on my plate - everything looks delicious and with a wide variety of cuisine to choose from, you have no choice but forget about dieting! I ended up spending 2 hours to eat those crispy croissants, sinful bacon, steamed potatoes, Thai food, cakes and a lot more.

dream hotel in bangkok thailand

I ate so much that I never bothered to have lunch so I ended up spending some threadmill walking in the gymn and swimming at their pool located rooftop! Life is good and fabulous when you're staying at Dream Hotel Bangkok indeed!

dream hotel in bangkok thailand

On our second night,  I had dinner at Flava Restaurant and Bar, Dream Hotel Bangkok's resident resto and bar where breakfast is also served. It was a night filled with soothing music, a bar that's entirely ours since we stayed during off season so not a lot of people are there that night. We had a sumptous Thai lunch we could ever wish for! 

dream hotel in bangkok thailand

Plus, what I like the most about Dream Hotel Bangkok is its location. Sukhumvit area is near the BTS (Bangkok skytrain), bus stations and even airports unlike the rowdy Khao San area. Even the soi or substreet right where this hotel is located, the vehicles that pass are very minimum - you won't hear so much noise from your room and even when you are eating at their resto cum bar.

Here's my rating:
Customer service - 10 out of 10
Cleanliness - 10 out of 10
Location - 10 out of 10

More pics

dream hotel in bangkok thailand

dream hotel in bangkok thailand

dream hotel in bangkok thailand

dream hotel in bangkok thailand

dream hotel in bangkok thailand

Will definitely recommend Dream Hotel Bangkok to travelers who have the money to splurge a bit while in the capital city of Thailand. To book a stay with Dream Hotel Bangkok, check out these links:

Facebook Fan Page:
Official Website:
Address: 10 Sukumvit 15, Klongtoey Nua, Wattana Bangkok, Thailand 10110

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    I know that this comment does not belong on this post, but since the post is relatively recent, and I like it (rather envious of your hotel stay, to be honest ...), I'll put it here. So, just wanted to be the first (Friday March 09, 2017) to congratulate you on your new look website. Definitely a couple of notches cleaner, sharper, and more contemporary !

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    1. Thanks, this one is much neat and looks really nice :)

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  3. It is hence calm as it is away from the hurrying around of Derry. A taxi into the downtown area will just cost a couple of pounds, nonetheless. The rooms at the Everglades Hotel are agreeable and have all the offices expected of a four star UK hotel.

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