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Langkawi Island Travel Guide

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Langkawi island is the largest of those more than a hundred islands that make the Langkawi archipelago in the Andaman Sea. The main entry point of the island is Langkawi Jetty Point, and the only town on the island is Kuah. There are only two ways to access the island, by air or by water. Thus, those coming from Penang, Malaysia, and Thailand book cheap flights to Langkawi or go by boat. Kuala Perlis, Penang, Kuala Perlis, Kuala Kedah are some of the ferry destinations in Malaysia.
Langkawi is all about nature, beautiful beaches, and glorious sunsets. Well known as the “Jewel of Kedah,” once you arrive here, you will never feel like leaving paradise. There is a lot to do and see here on the island that is home to home to lush forests, limestone cliffs, waterfalls, and mangroves.

When to go
Weather is not a major concern for those planning to holiday in Langkawi. Temperatures are fairly consistent, and the island enjoys most stable climates throughout the year. Thus, one can plan their vacation whenever they want and take advantage of Firefly online flight booking and enjoy hassle-free booking options and at lower rates. Temperatures range between 30-35°C during the day.

Where to stay
Langkawi lies at a distance of about 30 km from the Malaysia Peninsula, and when you arrive here, you will be surprised by the activeness the island has. Pantai Cenang is highly recommended for staying as it is very close to the island airport and is at a walking distance to Cenang and Tengah beaches. Here you can look for different accommodation in various price categories and enjoy loads of cheap street food. Apart from those, there are notably lush resorts with stunning views of Langkawi mountains.

What to do and see
Langkawi was given the UNESCO World Geopark status in 2007 as the island is very rich in folklore apart from its natural beauty. There is plenty to do and see here, and locals and tourists enjoy bird watching, mangrove kayaking, jungle trekking, and sailing. For those looking for fun and relaxation can simply lay out on a beach all day with a cocktail and good book. You can rent a motorbike or car to explore the main island and its unspoiled nature.

Langkawi has a few lovely spots when it comes to beaches. Enjoy those soft and white sands with clear turquoise waters. Tanjung Rhu is well famous for its stunning beaches and local food stalls selling street food. Remember to wear bathing shoes because of sea urchins and spiky seashells. Watch those luminescent creatures light up the waters of the beach after sunset. Pantai Cenang & Pantai Tengah are some of the most famous of Langkawi’s beaches. Cenang beach surprisingly white and a popular tourist hotspot. Tanjung Rhu is another favorite beach where one can relax on the long stretch of white sand and have a fun beach day.
For those looking for adventure and sports, head for Pantai Cenang to enjoy Jet Ski, Banana Boat, and paragliding. If you want to enjoy perfect sunsets, then head for Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah. Enjoy an ice-cold beer while gazing at the great view of the beach and sunsets. Crocodile Cave is the starting point for the mangrove tours
Langkawi boasts of several impressive waterfalls that are popular holiday hangouts for the Islanders and tourists. Most of the waterfalls carry natural pools at the top. Seven Wells Falls is the most well-known and the highest of the waterfalls here. You can hike in the jungle of Machinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park to connect closer with nature. Another local favorite is Durian Perangin Falls where you can enjoy a picnic. The climb is a bit slippery but well worth it. Temurun Falls is even more impressive and just right for those looking for some quiet and privacy. There are many more hidden waterfalls in Langkawi, and one can explore the area to find some more.

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