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The Lola Sayong Eco Surf Camp in Gubat Sorsogon

Lola Sayong Surf Camp

I asked my sister to share a bit about Lola Sayong Eco Surf Camp through her own words only. She's a noob in blogging like she do not slash cannot write thorough travel guides  so I let her do it her way. Pardon the "taglish" and some grammatical errors!
Lola Sayong Eco Surf Camp is still worth going whether you're a surfer or not because the way to go there is already a treasured memory itself specially if you're taking a jeep ride on top. You'll see the houses of locals, lots and lots of trees, narrow roads and view of the ocean. 
The Lola Sayong Eco Surf Camp is one of the most famous surfing spots in Sorsogon province and Bicol region. While I have only been there once, my family has visited this place many times. This surfing spot in Gubat, Sorsogon was named after the grandmother of the owner (Lola in Tagalog and even in Bicol dialect translates to grandmother) back in the days when buying a piece of land is Php 1 per square meter!

A beachfront resort slash surfing site in SorsogonLola Sayong Eco Surf Camp is surely gonna win the hearts of those longing for a certified province vibe. Tall coconut trees, beautiful flowers and Instagrammable nipa huts adore Lola Sayong Eco Surf Camp. The waves though is a bit rough here in my own opinion so this is an advantage for surfer enthusiasts. I am not into surfing so I would prefer a tamer wave. I have also seen some signs about rapids or those turbulent kinds of waves that occur somewhere so be very careful. Near the beach, there are lots of thrash as well like plastic wrappers, soda cans and more. However, while I was checking Tripadvisor reviews of Lola Sayong Eco Surf Camp, its owner Noli says these are washed away from the shores. They do not have control over these so they would appreciate for the guests to spare some minutes to pick up these and put in the trash cans instead. We all have responsibilities to make our world safer and cleaner. 

How to get to Lola Sayong Eco Surf Camp

1. From Sorsogon City, ride a jeepney bound to gubat and ask the driver to drop you off at the Public Market. Duration ng byahe is around 30-45 minutes.

2. From there if u want a special service ride to Lola Sayong, it costs Php 50-60 (pwde kang pumara ng mga tricycle na pumapasada around poblacion)but you can go directly to the Tricycle Terminal bound to Rizal near LCC. Tricyle fare is Php 12-15, tell the driver to please drop you off to Lola Sayong Eco Surf Camp, Buenavista.

PS. please do not be confused with Lola Sayong Surf Camp and Buenavista Surf Camp. Lola Sayong is located at Buenavista as well as the Buenavista Surf Camp.

3.  Entrance is Php 45 and I forgot kung magkano ang room rates but they offer benches and areas where you can put your things and enjoy the view just in case you only want a short time visit.

Perks of Getting a cottage to stay for a night

1. Surfing is free per head (only if u occupy a room) kapag walang cottage na kinuha the fare for the surfing Lesson is more or less 300. (Pwdeng magbago ang price without prior notice)

2. The cottage we had the last time we went there was a 2-storey cottage with 1 comfort room and 2 rooms (isa sa taas at isa sa baba) good for 6 persons. We all got free surfing lesson for the six of us for a duration of 1 hour with a coach/trainer. (We didn't try surfing tho)

Proper drills are being taught especially the do's and dont's when you encounter the Rip Current, the number one enemy of surfers.

3. Since it is an eco-friendly surf camp, throwing of garbage anywhere are not allowed, "Tungod mo, linig mo" is being implemented which means "Clean your areas". Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited, once caught you can be banned in their place forever or magbabayad ng multa.

4. You can rent tables and chairs kapag may baon kayong food. You can also order authentic food and ask for additional pillow or blanket kung kulang yung kasama sa package, just ask the receptionist.

5. Kung mahilig ka namang mag swing-swing or duyan duyan kapag hapon or madaling araw, merong naka-hang na duyan/hammock along the way to the beach where you can rest at ienjoy ang fresh air ng province :D

6. Para sa mahihilig sa sunrise, Sunrise view is around 5:30-6:30am. Hindi po kita ang sunset dito :) 

Lola Sayong Eco Surf Camp

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Lola Sayong in Sorsogon

Surf Camp in Sorsogon

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