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Honolulu HK Cafe Blog Review in Robinsons Place Manila

honolulu hk cafe robinsons magnolia blog review

If there's one thing I miss about my past Hong Kong trip, it is the food! That's why I was so excited hearing a new cafe in Manila that offers Asian cuisine including some of Hong Kong's favorite dishes. I knew they opened in SM Aura but for some reasons I didn't have time to check it out but an invite gave me an opportunity to check out its other branch in Robinsons  Place Manila.     

Coming from Makati, I left few hours earlier to make sure I don't get stuck in traffic. Guess what, everything was perfect timing because it never happened. In fact, I have to wait for the mall to open so had to do a few walks around the area. Honolulu HK Cafe is tucked inside Robinsons Place Manila which is walking distance from Pedro Gil LRT 1 station. I would say this one offers ample space - way, way bigger than the first branch. Also, I was told that the menu choices here are more than the one in SM Aura.

The ambiance of Honolulu HK Cafe is cozy, the aircon chill is just right for me who is too sensitive about cold weather. I love that the overall color is bright because for some reasons it makes me more curious to get to know Honolulu HK Cafe. Well, who would want to dine in a gloomy restaurant? None, of course!

hk honolulu cafe manila blog

I was sweaty from all the walking I did earlier so I  choose their best-seller Hong Kong style Milk Tea (Php 130) - you can have yours hot or cold.  Of course, I chose the cold one because it was too damn hot outside!   There's no doubt Filipinos have been infected with this milk tea craze so it is just right that Honolulu HK Cafe adds one to their menu.  Hong Kong style milk tea to  be honest surprised me because unlike other milk tea I have tried,  I can smell the moderate aroma of the brewed tea. You don't feel the guilt of yet another drink made of sugar entirely.


Honolulu HK Cafe's menu

Honolulu Egg Tart (Php 50)
Honolulu HK Cafe's signature egg tart is made of real butter.  I like that it's flaky but not too much because I like to lick the outside until I eat it in one bite. Egg tart is what Hong Kong is famous for. For over seven decades, Honolulu HK Cafe in Hong Kong has served thousands of egg tarts for foodies who can't get over the creaminess of a real egg tart. (See main photo above)  

Honolulu Bo Lo Bun with Butter (Php 60)

Best line to describe Honolulu Bo Lo Bun with butter  - "crunchy on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside". For you guys who are crazy about butter, you get one in rectangular piece included in this bun. Whether you spread it out or eat it as is, both are good ideas. The bread is big enough - I think I can only eat one whole piece of this and I am good. 

honolulu hk cafe blog review

Crusty BBQ Pork Bun (Php 60)

Crusty BBQ Pork Bun is the Hong Kong Style version of siopao except it is way better and tastier! The barbecue pork inside is hefty. I feel like I am getting more from what  I paid! 

hk honolulu cafe robinsons magnolia review

Luncheon Meat & Egg Bun (Php 60)

There's a lot of "fake" and "cheap" luncheon meat. In Honolulu HK Cafe, it is guaranteed you get to taste the "real" one in a bun. It is not too salty and not too sweet either. You'll really taste the luncheon style meat.


Coffee Bun (Php 60)

This coffee bun give you 2-in-1 taste. It has soft and sweet taste on the inside with hints of crunchy coffee flavor on the outside. Best paired with Hong Kong Style Coffee (Php 120) for you coffee addict. 

hk honolulu cafe MANILA philippines review

Deep Fried Honey Garlic Spareribs (Php 288)
Chicken flavored with garlic and honey - perfect combination! It is chewy enough that I don't need to put too much energy for my teeth to munch it.

hk honolulu cafe MANILA review
Deep Fried Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk (Php 488)
I want this served every day on my table! There's some sorcery in this recipe - I tell you. I never know salted egg yolk plus deep fried prawn could blew my mind. 

hk honolulu cafe philippines

Roasted Dishes

Chinese Style BBQ Pork or Char Siu Pork

Correct me if I am wrong. I can smell some tocino-like aroma in this dish that makes me beg for one cup of steamed white rice as well! You can eat it as is - without  sauce. 

hk honolulu cafe robinsons manila review

Crispy Roast Pork or Lechon Macau
I usually don't like eating roasted meat specially if it is not crispy. However, this one surpassed my expectations. Certain herbs and spices used in this dish is the key to this kind of taste I want to savor soon. It is so tender, I can eat all of it. Again, I was crying for a cup of steamed white rice.  

hk honolulu cafe ROBINSONS MANILA address

The curry fish ball (Php 198) also caught my attention. My tongue favors all things spicy so this one was my favorite. It's like eating the "sosyal" version of fish ball Another one is Hong Kong Curry in Casserole, Beef Brisket (Php 328).  The beef they use here is top-notch.  It is tender, a bit juicy plus no need to put sauce here because it tastes so damn good without it. I wish I leave nearby any Honolulu HK Cafe! 


Honolulu HK Cafe in Robinsons Magnolia is in ground floor. Click here to view their official Facebook fan page and here to follow their Instagram account.  Our visit was sponsored by the restaurant but all views presented here are all mine.

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