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The Guadalupe Nuevo Cloverleaf Park in Makati

Guadalupe Nuevo Cloverleaf Park in Makati

Also known as Kennely L Binay Park, this private park near Guadalupe MRT and Pasig river seems to be over the radar to the crowd who are looking for a place to cool off. For the past 10 years, I have been living near EDSA Avenue (6 years in Paragon Plaza Condo in Boni and 4 years here in Cembo, Guadalupe). However, I just learned of this very well-maintained park right where I always pass by almost every day just recently. I really never cared to take a look inside thinking this is just another private property that is waiting for a concrete structure to be developed.

Until one day after our daily visit to Guadalupe wet market we saw the gate open. We were thinking twice if it is really a public park in Makati because what we always see there are traffice enforcers and policemen of Makati hanging out there. My other guess is that this Makati park is also a headquarter for the members of Makati volunteers for public safety. 

Parks in Guadalupe Makati

We stayed for a half a minute outside the main gate of  Guadalupe Nuevo Cloverleaf Park to make sure this is actually open for public use. We saw one of the guys who wear blue uniform - must be one of the Makati volunteer citizen traffic enforcer about to get out so we took the chance to ask if it is ok to get inside. We don't want to be accused of trespassing or gatecrashing in any way!

As soon as he confirmed that we can go inside Guadalupe Nuevo's park, we wasted no time.  What is actually engraved on the main entrance of this park is Kennely L Binay Park not the Guadalupe Nuevo Cloverleaf Park. We later learned that Kennely Binay is the late wife of Mayor Junjun Binay who died because of birth complications. 

Public Park in Makati

The park is unbelievably very, very well maintained to think that it is along EDSA Ave - a place notorious for traffic congestion and tons of people pass by here every day!  I do not see any piece of thrash in any spots we went. What caught our attention first is the water fountain that I think is as as tall as the first floor of a house. Those are sights to behold, during the night they say these are all lit up! 

The second one that caught our eyes is the man-made pond with 5-8 pieces of koi fishes. They're enormous in size - half of my arm length! They are very colorful and wow, I wonder how old are they! They're not the typical size of a koi fish! The pond is very clean. I think these fishes are well-fed, no wonder they grew this big. 

Public Parks in Metro Manila

We saw also a mini-amphitheater that is perfect for those doing small shows like 1-2 performers singing or doing some funny acts in an al fresco setting. The seats are cemented designed in circular way however for those who do not want to get wet in case it rains, there's a covered pathway at the very back with a background of beautiful bougainvillea flowers.  

Just when we thought we have seen it all and about to turn our back when we saw the cascading water from the very back at the right side. The sight is so refreshing, I couldn't believe we have this park in Makati just right below the MRT Guadalupe! It even has its own comfort room though we did not check it if it is open for public as well. 

Makati Park

The question is why is this park in Makati always empty? I think it's because this is private so they have stricter securities which make this Guadalupe Nuevo Cloverleaf Park cleaner. I was told that this park is was closed for the longest time, it just opened to the public recently. Before, this park used to be where the drug addicts and homeless people stay so they want this Gudalupe park in Makati to be strictly as a place for relaxation and possibly a place to feel the nature. Plus, the fact that it is near EDSA Avenue the air here may not be very healthy at all so this is not really a good place to hangout often. However, for those who are tired and want to take a break for a while before going home or taking some time to finish some school projects, I think the Guadalupe Nuevo Cloverleaf Park is the best place while in Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati.

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parks in makati

If you happen to know anyone who can help me learn more about Guadalupe Nuevo Cloverleaf Park, I need the following information below to be added in this article to make this feature more useful. 
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  • Guadalupe Nuevo Cloverleaf Park  Plans, goals of this park if there's any this 2019

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