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WeRemote: Introducing The Newest 24/7 Open Coworking Space in Ortigas


Looking for a coworking space or a shared office in Ortigas? Check out WeRemote, this newly-built coworking space is located right inside the second floor of Metrowalk, famously known as the hub of nightlife in Ortigas. At first, I have doubts whether it is a good location as a shared workplace knowing that it is susceptible to the noise from nearby bars and restaurants but actually not at all!


I had a chance to visit WeRemote - I have nothing but praises of how innovative this coworking space is. WeRemote is not just a shared physical space for getting things done. It is actually a budding community of startups, agencies, BPO's and freelancers gathering in one place to exchange ideas and possibly make a difference. WeRemote is made of over 1, 500 square meters of space that can be occupied by a little over 400 persons. This huge amount of space is super great as shared working environment for startups, agencies, eCommerce sellers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and small-scale business processing companies.  WeRemote just opened last year. Some of the units there are still bare. The sleeping quarters and medical clinic are both under construction but I know they're wrapping up very quick.

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Below are the reasons why you should choose WeRemote:

1. WeRemote is owned and managed by young professionals
WeRemote is owned by Carlo, an entrepreneur who is only in his early thirties. Along with Bianca and Robin (Marketing and Community Manager of WeRemote) who are also as young as him, they form a team with a mindset of a millennial.  Business and team leaders who were born in the 80's and up like them are tech-savvy and can easily adapt to changes. They're definitely the kind of persons whom you'd like to work with because they think fast unlike the ones who are referred to as "old dogs  therefore cannot learn new tricks".  

2. WeRemote has photo and podcast studio
I do not know of a coworking space in Manila that has this same privileges. WeRemote offers a fully equipped photo and podcast studio perfect for product shoots, model shoots and of course podcasting. Members automatically can avail 20% off published rates.

3. WeRemote members uses keycards
This is not necessary but I like that WeRemote is always up-to-date in terms of security.  If you don't have it, of course you cannot enter WeRemote. As simple as that. While there's a guard in the main door, security is always a priority in WeRemote.

4. WeRemote has sleeping quarters
Since WeRemote is open 24/7, it is just right that there should be a place to rest. A half an hour of lying down flat on a bed could recharge a tired mind almost hundred percent guaranteed compared to sitting without doing nothing. There's one room for the boys and one room for the girls. 

5. WeRemote also welcomes small BPO companies
Before my freelancing days, I spent 9 years of my life in the BPO industry. That's why WeRemote makes me reminisce my days there. BPO rooms are designed uniquely that it is sound-proof specially if the members are taking calls like putting specially made carpets on the floor, high-quality headphones and more. WeRemote allotted some units that are really great for those who take inbound/outbound calls. 

6. WeRemote offers FREE parking
Yes, you hear it right! For those who have cars or motorbikes, there would be no additional cost for your parking. WeRemote has a huge parking slot at the back. I believe it is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Commuting can be hassle during peak hours in Ortigas so for those who have "wheels", this is good news for you!

7. WeRemote is Instagrammable
Don't I know it! I am really a visual person. I feel motivated if the place has bright colors or showcasing artworks that inspire me to be more productive. I love the image of the country's national hero painted near the front door. It somehow sparks a sense of patriotism. I also love the anime drawings in the pantry and the common kitchen. Same with the meeting rooms.  What I do love the most, are the sleek and colorful wooden chairs at the very back of WeRemote

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WeRemote Coworking and Shared office rates
1. Hot desk
- Early bird 9am-6pm
Php 100 per day
Php 2,500 per 7-day pass
Php 6, 000 per 20-day pass
- Night owl
Php 540 per day  
Php 3,000 per 7-day pass
Php 7,200 per 20-day pass
Pphp 8, 500 per a month pass
- Inclusions
Free parking, coffee and water, access to all amenities (daily to weekly pass)
Free parking, coffee and water, access to all amenities, free 1-hour use of meeting room, free locker (monthly and yearly)
2. Dedicated desks
- For updated rate, please contact them.
- Inclusions
Free parking, coffee and water, access to all amenities, free 1-hour use of meeting room or studio, free locker (monthly and yearly)
3. Private offices
For updated rate, please contact them.
- Inclusions
Free parking, coffee and water, access to all amenities
1 reserved parking spot per office, filing cabinet and lockers
4. Photo and podcast studio
- Php 600 per hour 
- 20% off for members
5. Meeting rooms
- Php 800-1,300 per hour
- 8-14 meetings rooms
- Great for video conferencing
- Projectors available by request (extra cost)
6. Events space
- Event/Training room (55 sqm)
Php 2, 500 per hour good for 24-40 pax
- Events/coworking area
Php 3,000 per hour good for 60-100 pax
- Main events room (64 sqm)
Php 4, 000 per hour good for 100-150 pax
* For trainings, workshops & conferences
(projector, tables and chairs included)

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What's the best I learned about WeRemote is that they plan to integrate proper screening process for those who would call WeRemote their workspace to make sure if there's any gap, they have record of everyone containing their skills for possible collaboration. This is to simplify the need for members of WeRemote to work together easier!

WeRemote is also one of the few coworking spaces I know that offers very affordable student pass recently. By opening its doors to our next-generation leaders of our country, WeRemote is really leading the way coworking space should be doing in the future. I can just remember our thesis nights way, way back when getting a decent Internet connection is luck plus we were struggling to find a place where there's less distraction. Students of today are now luckier with WeRemote. Availing the pass also includes unlimited fresh brewed coffee, secured lockers (bring your lock), free parking and fast wifi connection guaranteed!

WeRemote also never runs out of activities to join for its members (also open to non-members) to nurture different skill sets needed whether it is about freelancing, search engine marketing, financial security, podcasting, marketing in general et cetera. These types of meetups are great for finding real connections specially to the ones who are just taking baby steps to freelancing.  

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WeRemote address: 2nd floor, Building C, Metrowalk Commercial Complex, Meralco Avenue, Barangay Ugong, Pasig City, Philippines 1604
WeRemote website:
WeRemote Facebook:
WeRemote Instagram:
WeRemote Phone number: +63-917- 623-0462   /  +632 216 3429
WeRemote email address:

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