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7 Tips On How to Find The Best House & Lot Properties For Sale Near Manila

Are you one of those who are starting to find a house and lot property near Manila? Do you think you are capable of investing in a real - estate property especially in Cavite? Do you belong to a small and starting family with an  income from low to midrange? If your answer are all yes, I would like to share to you seven tips on how to find the best house and lot properties that are very close to Metro Manila. I know it involves a lot of effort and a big amount of our hard - earned money so it is very  crucial to set a serious amount of time to find a place where you can call home forever.

Lancaster New City Cavite, is a township and the only one of its kind in the Philippines having residential units that spread out in Kawit, Gen. Trias and Imus. PRO - FRIENDS, the developer behind this is proud to say that they have the complete package that no other commercial property units have for a top - notch amenities for a lifestyle that is comparable to a metro - like living without the pollution and traffic of course.

Let me tell you one by one.

1. Education - They have a K12 integrated school from preschool to high school inside.
2. Employment - Cavite's first BPO hub lies here as well.
3. Proximity - Via Cavitex from MOA, the travel time is only 15 minutes to reach here.
4. Shopping mall - Now who would not want a shopping center located just a few blocks away from your doorstep?
5. Developer credibility - Pro-friends has been developing top affordable houses since 1999.  You do the math, they have 15 years of experience that I think great enough to be credible. 
6. Leisure and recreation - If you love to meet your friends, business partners or clients 
at coffee shops and restaurants, you don't need to leave your place. Just invite them to 
come over!
7. Affordability - I was able to check the seven types of for sale house and lots they have. I was surprised that one of those is an up-and-down with 2 bedrooms already for only close to a million peso.

Lancaster New City Cavite has all of these amenities mentioned above right inside the vicinity. Not only that they also have their own hospital which is already under construction and a 24-hour security with complete surveillance cameras installed to all key places because they value each of the resident's safety.

I really hope I was able to help those who are serious of finding their humble abode as soon 
as possible.  If you want to know more of the amenities in details, you may click here.

By the way to those who are interested to do a tripping (check the place), please sign up to this link here. Just let us know when is the best time you will drop by.

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