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The dilemma of a 30-year old woman who prefers to build her own (online) business while travelling than have a family of her own (at this time)

Because of a small injury I decided to go home for a month in Irosin, Sorsogon where my mom and sisters live. It is only 2 weeks since I arrived here and I feel like I want to pack my bags then go back to Manila. If not for my family, I would not want to stay here longer than a few days. The Internet connection sucks so bad. I wanted to stay longer with my family and the quietness of my hometown but the more that I spend a day, the more that I wish I am somewhere else.

Since I run an online business, it is very important for me to get a decent wifi so that I can do things as quick as possible. When it comes to bank transactions, the only banks available here are the rural types and whenever I have to do send and/or receive money I have to go all the way to Sorsogon City which is one hour away and 2 hours for roundtrip to make things happen.  That costs P100 and all my bank transactions are charged P50 each since it is done outside Manila.  

The hometown where I was born and lived up to my early 20's has become a strange place to me. I also came back to see old friends but most of them have their own family and kids in tow so we can no longer bring back the times that we can spend the whole night jamming together! 

One more thing why I wanted to stay for a longer time here is to visit the many emerging tourist spots in Sorsogon province which I plan to post in my blog. I have been around the country from Luzon to Mindanao, but I have never ever promoted my very own province's tourism yet!  Just that looks like my plan will never happen the soonest as possible when one of my travel partner has not fully me yet. This is something that I really don't want to happen but we have no control over this kind of situation.   

Also the number of tours have dwindled because of the rainy season so I am very much careful of my expenses right now.  Actually I prefer having this kind of time when I have ample time to rest and focus on other stuff I also have interest. 

During my first night, my mom asked me when I am going to have a family of my own since I am already 30. I told her I don't know and I am more excited to build a business and travel the same time. She gave me a puzzled look and started telling me of things I already heard how many times. 

This is what I told her. In 2011, I met people who travel and runs a business at the same time. They are called digital nomads.  They can afford to travel for a longer period of time and work online. They online need a laptop/tablet/smartphone and wifi connection to run their businesses. They can work anywhere and anytime they want! They have no boss and they work at their own pace. These are the exact reasons why I wanted to be one of them. I was working for eight years in a work I have no passion for. I was looking for something else that will bring color to my life. 

I have already taken a few steps to take the path of entrepreneurship to follow them. I have turned myself into a blogger, entrepreneur and an online marketing professional to afford a location – independent lifestyle one step at a time.

Almost every day while online I allot a considerable amount of time to get to know them by reading their blogs and following them via Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Google Plus and Instagram. I have learned that a big number of them thrive in SE Asia because they also belong in the startup ecosystem which yours truly also dreams to put up one soon. They are spread out all over Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Philippines etc. They are mostly from North America and Europe. You can see them working in various coffee shops and coworking spaces.

But after so many things I have said to Mom, still she said "I would love for you to devote a little time to start building one".  I guess I have tired answering her over and over again that this is very far from my priorities. I know that the woman's body has a biological clock for marriage and having a baby.

Also in the house is the wife of my younger brother and their adopted super adorable 1 year and a half who makes us laugh all the time.  I always stare at him and really thoughts of having a baby always pop out.

But anyway at the end of the day, you don't get a husband, wife or have a baby just because everybody else does.  Or just because your age says so... that will come in the right time. And if I wanted just a baby there was someone who offered me for "just - no - commitment" setup but things are just not like that.  And if ever that won't come,  this still a life worth - celebrating.

I just want to run an online business and travel at the same time, anywhere I want. This is the definition of happiness right now. As a matter of fact, I am looking forward for a few trips for the coming months. I will be in Vietnam by September for a personal trip and my business partner in Bacolod has sent me a message that  she is giving me free roundtrip flight and accommodation to watch the Masskara Festival on Oct 17 - 20.

Oh by the way, I have to cut short my vacation because I am joining an invite - only conference entitled "SEO Lead Generation" organized by Janette Toral so I am off to Manila this weekend.  My flight is scheduled on Aug 3 thru Cebu Pacific but since this is happening on July 12, I will just take a bus to save.  It's been many years since I used a bus to ride so I hope everything is fine because this is a 12 hour ride.


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