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I Had Fun at the Mutya ng Masa Anibersaya Gimik Day!

The Mutya ng Masa tv show of ABSCBN anchored by Ms Doris Bigornia is one of my favorites that I always look forward to watch whenever I can. They feature inspiring ordinary people who mostly don’t have much financially but they inspire us because of their pure dedication to work, neverending love for the family or just by being themselves.  In return they are asked what are things that make them  happy and the tv show grants the wish  if its possible.

We had our breakfast here

On their first anniversary, they celebrated it with an event called Gimik Day to treat their regular viewers, Ms Doris avid fans, their active social media followers, bloggers, press and admins of famous local Twitter personalities. Until now I really can’t believe I was part of it. It was a whole day of fun and laughter. 

Raymond, one of the staff of MNM
We also get to join Ms Doris and all I can say is she is really down to earth. She reaches out to everyone else in the room. She has a good sense of humor and knows how to crack a joke from time to time. You won’t feel intimidated to talk to her because knows how to get along. Actually I am more intimidated to the cameras that keep following us than her!

Cameras follow us all the time

The Mutya ng Masa’s Gimik day was a whole day long activity where we rode in a bus via Victory Liner. We first headed to Gerry’s Grill for our breakfast, then to Resorts World Manila for lunch at Passion restaurant where we finally met Ms Doris in person. We were given a P500 worth of gift voucher that we can spend for our next visit there. We had a quick game of knowing each other’s social media accounts and had an opportunity for a one-on-one photo with her.

At the Resorts World Manila - lunch

Ms Doris talking to us

The bus driver is asked "What makes you happy?"
She also joined us in the bus on the way to the next destination. While inside and trapped in traffic, we had a chance to ask her questions like how did she started as a journalist and her personal life as well. 

When we reached to our next destination,  Ms Doris met a girl sobbing and feeling lost. She said she walked all the way from Heritage Hotel in Pasay because she failed to catch us at Resorts World! OMG, she walked that far. She said she came from Antipolo Rizal and had no extra money to ride so she just walked. She is just so lucky that Ms Doris met her. She even held the umbrella of her while we walk to a museum.

A fan of Ms Doris
We had so much fun inside the museum. I am thinking of going back to this soon and will do a separate post just for this.


Because of another heavy traffic, we reached Shangrila Plaza in Quezon City around 9PM. That’s the last stop and where we are going to spend our dinner. Take note from breakfast, to lunch then dinner … everything is heavy meal. Out time is all worth it. 

Dinner at Shangri La

I appreciate the efforts of the staff of Mutya ng Masa for making this very memorable. We can feel that this event was well – planned.

We went home AT 10PM very, very tired and full. Our souvenir is a lovely mug with a logo of Mutya ng Masa and a printed copy of our photo with Ms Doris. 

Oh I also got a few minute chance to be interviewed!
The Mutya ng Masa tv show is aired every Tuesday 4PM in Metro Manila. For more information, you may check their official Facebook Fan Page here.  I hope to join on your next gimik day! This annibersaya episode will be aired in the coming weeks so please stay tuned.

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