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Vikings Luxury Restaurant Offers Southeast Asian Menu at Seaside Boulevard SM MOA

Seaside Boulevard, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines
vikings sm markina

Vikings Luxury Restaurant

Vikings restaurant, famous for offering different international luxury buffet never really fails to impress our palate for a grand dining experience. This is a warning though, you should be there with an empty stomach because there serving is way too big! I think this is a perfect place is for those who just do not eat to fill their hunger but they eat because they love it so.

Yesterday I  visited Vikings Seaside Boulevard at SM MOA Complex to check out their Southeast Asian cuisines which they will offer for the whole month of August. This is a package menu that consists of   Indian, Singaporean, Indonesian and Malaysian dishes. Whew! I wish I have a bigger tummy to eat all of those served in my plate!

Let me share you our menu:

Laksa shrimp, vermicelli and bean sprout soup

Vikings Luxury Restaurant review

I am a fan of shrimps so I will eat any dish made out of this! The curry sauce is mild enough to not overpower the vermicelli and the bean sprouts. 

An assortment of Indian appetizers  

A duo of Indian Samosa, Falafel in Pita and Tandoori Chicken Terrine with a Jicama, Mango and Coriander salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

Vikings Luxury Restaurant review

Lamb Shank Rendang with Hainanese Chicken Rice and Potato Bhajis and served with Cucumber, Pepper and Pomelo Relish

I will tell you how to eat this one by one. First taste the Indian Samosa, followed by the Falafel in Pita then the last is Tandoori Chicken Terrine. The first one has a stronger taste (try the two sauces:  sweet and sour) then the rest are not so up to the last one. In this way you don't feel overwhelmed by the mix of different tastes in your mouth.

Vikings restaurant in manila

OMG! The lamb tastes so good. The meat is so tender and it is way to big for me to finish all of it. The serving of the hainanese rice is small though so this is something different from the usual Pinoy's plate. We eat as much as rice or sometimes more than the viands. 

Indonesian Mee Goreng

viking moa

This Indonesian noodle dish is spicy so make sure to eat those bits of nuts sprinkled in the plate. I happened to remember an all - noodle meals escapade we did when we went to Singapore after tasting this because of some similarities in serving and looks.   

Sate Udang and Kampot Squid

viking price

 I love the squid (kampot squid) and sate udang (grilled shrimps)   because it is so tender and lightly grilled.   I also love the stuff inside of the squid. 


Ice Kachang

viking sm north

A Sampler Plate of Southeast Asian Sweets

viking reservation

The ice kachang reminds me of our version of halo - halo, no wonder. The waffle is a winner
This waffle dipped in coconut jam is a winner to me. I love sweets by the way! 

vikings buffet

It is no wonder that Trip Advisor ranked this restaurant as one of the best in the categories of buffet restaurants.  Just go ahead and walk leisurely inside the Vikings restaurant. You will see the passion of the people working here. I  notice that even from the simplest ingredient displayed, it is already an art. 

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This southeast asian buffet menu is available for the month of August. I suggest you try this yourself especially to those who have been in the countries of India, Singapore, Indonesian and Malaysian who craves for a real taste of their cuisines in their own place.

Address: Vikings Buffet Restaurant  , Building B, By the Bay , Seaside Boulevard , SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City 
Landline number: 846-3888

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