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The Halsema Highroad Point, the highest point in the Philippine Highway System

Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines
On our way back to Manila from a 3-day trip to Banaue, Sagada and Baguio last December of 2013, 
we made a very quick stopover to a long and winding road somewhere in Benguet. It has been almost half a year since we travelled there, but still my memory longs for that heavenly view that took my heart away for about twenty minutes. I wished we could have stayed longer there. 

The view is way, way majestic that I decided this deserves a blog post of its own. What I am talking about is the Halsema Highroad Point, the highest point in the Philippine highway system. This is located in Cattubo, Atok Benguet with an elevation of 7, 400 feet above sea level and a two-hour ride from La Trinidad, the capital town of Benguet.

The timing is so good because we arrived lunchtime and the weather is sunny. The wind keeps on blowing our face while we look around the place. It is like we are deep inside a big caldera of lush mountains. Looking down can make anyone's belly to pull back in because of the incredible height where we are. I wonder what's going to happen if someone falls down here! Seeing the ravines deep made me dizzy but the everything is magnificent. You get to watch an overwhelming sight of tall trees, vegetable gardens and rice 
terraces from afar. By the way to those who has not seen the rice terraces in person, this I tell you. Those that you see in photos, they are just a fraction of how beautiful are these when seen with your own eyes! 

halsema highroad point sagada
Woman selling fresh veggies in Benguet

From the viewing deck which you can find at the back of stores lined up at the road side, you will get an unforgettable glimpse of the nature still quite untouched in this side of the country. How much more if we could have dropped by here at night? I wonder how many stars, constellations and planets will I be seeing.

I wish I can show you photos of the surroundings but unfortunately I accidentally deleted those and never remembered that I have no backup copies just a day before I decided to finally post a blog about this. 

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