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Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Philippines Launches “See The Real Me” Campaign, a Teen-powered Advocacy

Host & MTV Vj Joyce Pring chats with child psychologist Aileen Sison

Do you know that according to a global statistics, 75% of adolescents aged 13 – 19 years old are growing up fearful adults, hesitant to show people who they are and to display their potential because they are afraid of being ridiculed or judged for their appearances? That’s 3 out of 4 teenagers! This sounds so cliché but I’ve been there done that. I was once a teenager and everyone has gone to this stage in our lives that we feel uncomfortable of our body changes to prepare us for adulthood. I think that it is the girls who are affected the most because of having a monthly period and the awkwardness of preparing ourselves to a lot of adjustments.

Joyce Pring, Gabriel Solomon - J&J's Marketing Manager and Aileen Sison
The teenagers of today in the Philippines are quite lucky to have Johnson & Johnson, the company behind the Modess, Clean & Clear and Carefree products.  During the press release of their “See The Real Me” campaign, they are pioneering a shift in their marketing philosophy by bravely changing the mindset of teen girls who are used to feeling unsure and held back by pimples and menstruation by giving them confidence and courage to show their real selves – regardless of the changes happening in their bodies.

J&j brand ambassador and online sensation duo, Krissy and  Ericka
The launch of their campaign was held in Makati High School, a place perfect for this kind of advocacy since the students here are all in the period of puberty.  With the press, media, selected girl students and teachers it was awesome to be part of this advocacy since I also have a teen sister who will be glad to know about this.  Nowadays, the pressure for teenagers is more because of society, pop culture and the Internet to define what is beautiful so I think Johnson & Johnson is really in the right track and in the perfect time to really help. 

The "See The Real Me " campaign with the Makati High School students
“The most beautiful person that you can be, is yourself”, this is the best takeway I have ever heard in that launch actually.  As a matter of fact, Johnson and Johnson have already started doing school tours at the National Capital Region including Marikina, Bulacan and Cavite then nationwide to talk to every Filipino teenager. They want to tackle the emotional and psychological changes of teenagers then let them know that puberty is a sign of a milestone in one’s life not a course.

Some of the school's student leaders talk share about their puberty dilemmas
I would like to commend Johnson and Johnson for this “See the Real Me” campaign. I support them in any way possible because I can see all the good things that will come along the way for our teenagers of today who are leaders and parents of tomorrow. To those who would like to know more of Johnson and Johnson, they are very active in social media to tap every heart of our technology savvy teenage girls of today. You can check out the official hashtag, #seetherealme of this campaign.

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