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FREE: SEO Lead Generation Conference on July 12th (Invite only basis)

This is the reason why I am cutting my one month vacation trip short, I want to be part of the SEO Lead Generation Conference and Competition this July 12th, so tomorrow I'm taking a 12 - hour butt - numbing (that's ok) bus ride from Bicol to Manila.
Since I run an online shop, I am always very curious how ranking in search engine results are done by different search engines.  I believe joining this give me so much knowledge I need to run a business online.  

I would like to share this event to SEO practitioners, content creators, social media specialists, bloggers, e-mail marketing specialists, and community managers for a day of learning and exchanging insights on SEO and lead generation practices. 

Aside from the conference, an SEO lead generation competition  that I heard will run for a few months will also be launched. Winners will be recognized in a gathering this December 2014.

I'm sharing you the link to fill up the form. Ms Janette Toral, the organizer behind this will get back to you once approved.  Please click here.

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