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Choosing Between Two Coworking Spaces in Makati: Bitspace and Acceler8

Whew as always I have been extremely busy. While my official start of freelance contracted full time online job is on the 29th of October I have been  busy getting familiar with the online tool I will need to login so I can do my work, reading and trying to learn about how the business works and all that stuff. I also have a task I need to complete  and that is the one eating my time. Plus  my  blogging, joining events and of course many things that I do outside the Internet that is already out of scope to be mentioned here.

So what will be my work basically?
With all due respect to the  company I work will with, I will as much as possible explain it in general to protect their privacy. I will be providing travel content which is mainly itinerary around SE Asia. I will also be handling the social media management, answering reviews/feedbacks on Tripadvisor and any other related tasks. It is a chain of hostels based in a few countries in SE Asia. I also learned that in four years they will also open branches here in the Philippines - Manila, Boracay & Palawan. If I am not mistaken, they have already acquired pieces of lands in these places. I was also told that this comes with a bit of travelling but I think it is not frequent and not as early this time that I am starting.

I am actually typing this in Acceler8, a coworking space in Makati. This is the second one I have visited, the first  Bitspace.  I have been mentioning all throughout my blog that I am really looking for  a reliable space where I can work seriously and at the same time I can practice my social skills like meeting like minded individuals.

I learned about Acceler8 because of the email I got inviting me for the media launch of, compared as the "Airbnb" for office and retail space rentals. It also comes with a one day free pass so that is why I'm here.   

My work is location and time  independent but still I want a separate place and a dedicated duration of hours for me to stay focused in my work so this is where coworking spaces gonna come in.

In terms of  physical space, Bitspace is quite small and simpler.  Though the navy blue color rocks. Acceler8  is bigger and looks classy. I love the cozy couch, wooden tables and a lot more. Also the rate comes with free printing and scanning of a few papers. Both have strong Internet which is really important to any coworking space necessities. I notice that Bitspace have younger crowd but Acceler8 is a mix.   But at the end of the day, it is the price that matters especially to someone who is  a newbie freelancer. 

Actually both of these are available via Flyspaces too.  They both offer discounts for those staying for at least month. I am seriously thinking of this over the next coming days.

Also I am more than tempted to join a lot of lifestyle blogging events now that I am freelance. I know this is not good because I have a full time job and that I should  be building my career in the blogging world for travel niche. 

I am really working on producing  more travel content as I have already reached $87 via my Google Adsense account. These are the banners of advertisements you can see spread out in my blog. Once it reaches a $100 i can now cash it out. I should not however overpromote this because Google can detect intentional clicks so if that happens my account will be  suspended and I wont get paid. The only legitimate way is drive more traffic here for genuine clicks.

Yesterday I just came from Blogapalooza, a whole day biggest blogging event and tomorrow another one with a sunset yacht party I just can't resist. Two days ago, a public event called A Family Travel Event sponsored by Flight 001. There's really a lot more, every day in the Facebook groups of bloggers the events for blogging are raining. Most of these are not paid in monetary value, but usually freebies and just great experiences. Not that I am belittling these kinds of events but to those whose hours matter, wise decision making can save a life.  So first and foremost I must really know my topriorities.

I also met a fellow blogger who just came from South Korea, we have a very realistic talk about what he went through while applying a visa in this country. We also talked about the perils of being a freelancer which is we are the one who will take care of paying our own taxes. I admit the last time I went freelance for a year I have totally neglected doing this. But he explained that this is very important not just as a law-abiding citizen but when opportunities of going to countries that require visa,  I need to provide documents such as tax receipts and the BIR certificate.   

Most important of all is saving. You must always have a certain money in the bank that gives you an impression when you are applying for visa countries that you are financially able to sustain your visit entirely.  

I feel  kind of 'small' inside the coworking spaces I have seen, not only these ones. Like most of them is using a Mac laptop, my dream laptop brand. This is freaking expensive and I cant afford this yet.  I'd really love to  talk to these people around me but  everyone is busy.

Honestly it is cheaper to work at home and even at Internet shops compared to coworking spaces.  Then add the the roundtrip bus fare from Boni to Makati too so I am really thinking of all things I need to consider.

I just can't wait to officially start and help this company that I will work under. No matter what and no matter how busy this I promise to myself - that I will never ever forget providing content  to my own blog.

That is it for now. I am dropping by at the Greenbelt Chapel to say a prayer and attend a mass before I head home. I need  courage that can move mountains as I go to the next chapter of my life. 

Also good news that I really need to be thankful after almost ten days of no reply, I thought it is going to be a nay. The email pitch I sent to an international food tour company that offers delicious home-cooked meals at homes of locals in exchange of a blog review has been granted so when we go to Hong Kong on my birthday Feb 21st, we'll have an authentic HK dishes that awaits us.


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