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Introducing Flyspaces : A Tool To Help You Find The Best Shared Office Spaces In Manila And Abroad

I cannot count how many times I have mentioned the words “coworking space” in my past blog posts. It is because I just went back to freelancing career again. I find it the most convenient to do my online stuff to a place dedicated solely for work. When I am at home there are a lot of distractions like me just wanting to lie down the whole day, wonky Internet or the noise of my fellow housemates destroys my focus. Just when I needed to find one, an email invite for the media launch landed in my inbox about this startup called Flyspaces. It is like the AirBnb for shared office spaces founded by Mario Berta who is also the CEO of this company.  His name is quite familiar because years back in a mobile conference in MOA I remember him one of the speakers together with Paul Malicki when he used to work for a competitor of Uber and GrabTaxi.

I have been to a number of coworking spaces in Manila: Honeycomb, Co.lab, ImpactHub, 47East, Bitspace and the latest one is  Acceler8. Actually I owe to Flyspaces about knowing another one which is Acceler8. The invite also comes with free whole day pass so I chose the one that I don’t know yet. I can say Acceler8 has one of the best facilities for a freelancer or startups looking to find the best avenue to work seamlessly. Coworking spaces are a favourite hangout among digital nomads – people who travels long-term and works online aside from coffee shops. Working here meant not only having the fast Internet but also a place to meet like-minded individuals that may lead you to another project or collaboration. 

Flyspaces is an online search and booking engine for office event and retail spaces. Aside from coworking spaces you’ll also find meeting rooms, conference rooms, interview rooms, short-term offices, shared offices, function rooms, galleries, pop-up stores and party venues.

During the media launch, Mario talks about the many hassles of a freelancer or a person who owns a small business in terms of finding the right office space that will suit the needs. He also shared his personal experience about the landlord that is not convinced that they can pay for rent given the fact that they came from Rocket Internet, a known group of startup founders and investors. There’s always a notion that a startup can fail anytime since it has just started so what they did is that they introduced their business as a video gaming company. 

Flyspaces is also a proud partner with Philippines’ biggest players such as Regus, KMC Solution, VOffice as well as hotel chains like Seda Hotel and HII Group.

How does it work?
It is very easy. You just search from the official website then book or call them for any help. Take note: there is NO booking fee.
If you want to try their platform first, Flyspaces can give you FREE USE of meeting rooms or coworking space of your choice which I already did for a day. Just shoot them an email.

For more details, please see below:
Contact number: +63 (2) 3593225

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