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Travel Bloggers Expo (TBEX) 2016 Will Be Held In PICC, Manila Philippines Oct 13 - 16

This news really blew me away. I literally shed a few tears when I was not able to make it at TBEX Asia 2015 held in Bangkok, Thailand for some reasons. My schedule was really tight from preparing for my final weeks to say goodbye from my current work to organizing everything for my upcoming online full time job. 

 I did messaged a friend who went to Bangkok and let me know what country is the next one. And then this is what I told.  I even said "Oh dont kid me!" By next year I have no excuse by then and that the most important is it will save me a lot of money. I never need to go spend for a return flight and accommodation as TBEX Asia 2016 will be held at PICC (Philippine International Convention Center ) here in Manila  from October 13 to16 which is just 30 min away from here.  

TBEX or Travel Bloggers Expo is a worldwide gathering of travel bloggers, writers, brands and tourism sectors. 

Currently, the ticket is on sale of $107 instead of the usual $150 but only until October 30 which is just a weeks from now.  I am still saving up a bit more because my last day of work is on this Friday. My backpay will be given after 30 days so I need to attend to this first. 

I am fine to pay for a regular price once everything is settled.   

For more information, you may click TBEX official website announcing Manila in 2016 here.  Here is a link to the Youtube video showcasing the many beautiful tourist spots in the Philippines, and calling it as a country of fun!

Anton Diaz, the leading travel blogger of the Philippines is inviting everyone interested at TBEX 2016 to also sign Travel Massive Manila chapter. These are two biggest travel networking group in the world guys.   I remembered attending a Travel Massive way, way back actually with fellow other travelers and travel bloggers. You may click here to input your details. 

UPDATE as of January 28th.  TBEX Registration fee is at 20% off  by using

PROMO CODE: FRIEND20. Only available to the following:  BLOGGERS, PODCASTERS AND WEB TV & VIDEO PRODUCERS WHO COVER TRAVEL. Please click here to register for the discounted price of 2016 TBEX Conference Manila.

For Philippine travel bloggers, there is a search for the Best Pre and Post Travel Blogger Exchange (TBEX) Tour Itinerary Contest. Please click here for details.

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