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Gourmet Society Offers A Discount Card That Grants 20% Off To Over 150 Restaurants in Metro Manila

In this post we are slightly veering away from the usual travel topic to give way to a discount card for Metro Manila's restaurants by Gourmet Society Philippines. Actually I have lots of foodie blogger friends and  a few foreign travelers who not only come here in Manila to see the place but also to dine so this is going to be a great help too.

Let me share you what is this all about:

Gourmet Society Philippines simplifies restaurant privileges by giving its members 20% off their bill at over 150 partner restaurants in Metro Manila. Members just have to present their Gourmet Society card when paying their bill in order to get their discount, eliminating the need for printing coupons or the need for scanning QR codes. Diners can avail of discounts without minimum spend and use the card as many times as they want.

“Filipinos love food, and Filipinos love discounts. You’ll get all of that with Gourmet Society,” said Joost Boer, co-founder and CEO of Gourmet Society Philippines. After observing different restaurant discount programs in the country, Joost believes that there is a much simpler way of availing discounts while bringing value to diners and restaurants alike. “It makes dining out more affordable for people, and at the same time, it helps restaurants gain new customerswhile decreasing their marketing costs.”

Gourmet Society is offering its membership card for a special introductory price of PHP 999, offering discounts for one year at over 150 restaurants. Partner restaurants include popular chains such as Burgoo, Gumbo and Mrs. Fields. In addition, independent restaurants such as the popular One Way Restaurant, Corner Tree CafĂ©, Aracama, Tapeo, Lulu and the acclaimed My Kitchen By Chef Chris are also part of Gourmet Society. There are also some gastropubs and bars such as celebrity owned The Hungry Hound and Niner Ichi Nana. Gourmet Society is continuously expanding within Metro Manila and is expecting to reach 
250 restaurant partners by the end of the year.

Gourmet Society Philippines is more than just restaurant privileges
Aside from restaurant discounts, Gourmet Society is contributing to the wellbeing of local communitiesthrough a partnership with ABS CBN Foundation, Bantay Bata that will support a feeding program for malnourished children in Manila.  

Meanwhile, Gourmet Society’s blog contains articles delving into the background stories of several Gourmet Society restaurant partners. It also helps people navigate through Manila’s dining scene, and provide insightful infographic content such as foreign dining etiquetteguides.

Gourmet Society Philippines has also partnered with Viber Public Chats, to create FoodTalkPH: a public chat which brings together chefs, such as Chef Laudico, Chris Locher, Philip Golding and Chef Boy Logro as well as restaurateurs and food lovers to discuss recipes, share delicious food photos and videos as well as discussing the latest news in the buzzing Manila food scene.

Exciting growth plans
“The company has some very exciting growth plans for the coming year and expect to see some great new features in our app” adds Joost.  “We are also staging a very exciting food awards concept in February 2016, so watch this space!”

Gourmet Society Philippines is redefining restaurant discounts in the country by giving 20% off your bill at over 150 restaurants in Manila.Members just have to present their Gourmet Society card.Aside from a physical card it is also possible to display a digital card on the Gourmet Society app, which is available for the iPhone on the App Store and Android on the Google Play Store. 

If you wanna give it a shot, please check details below
·         Buy the Gourmet card
·         iOSapp
·         Android app
·         Video explaining the iOS app
Gourmet Society Introductory video

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