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While I am typing this I am almost crying  as I see online on Facebook group the rest of my fellow travel bloggers around the world convening to Bangkok, Thailand for the 2015 TBEX  Asia (Travel Bloggers Expo). The world's trip writers and travel enthusiasts from the newbies to the A - listers. It would be a miracle if I still able to meet this though there's still few tickets left but booking a flight and finding accommodation this soon is already too late. This is going to be on Oct 15 - 17, 2015. This is the best time to connect with travel brands and products for potential collaboration.  

I am in the middle of regretting for not taking time to make this a reality but still I am thankful that I chose the Cambodia trip because I ended up getting offered an online full-time job.

I have to be honest, I feel excited as much as afraid for my decision to go back to freelancing again. Working in a non-traditional job is a risk. It is not like every 15th and 30th so long as you clocked in and out on time, you will be paid the agreed amount you signed from your contract. In the freelancing world, mostly it is all about projects that you need to accomplish first before you get paid. We call it deliverables that you need to finish within a deadline.  Since your office is virtual,  working smoothly with a boss you have not met in person and catching each other’s time to match since each lives halfway around the world matters so much.  Having a reliable Internet access to be able to have a secure connection while tasks are done is also I am very concerned of.

I asked myself if I am hundred percent ready to jump to the next chapter of my life, here’s what I found out. I actually have no choice whether the answer is yes or no so I have to make sure I commit the least mistakes along the way. I know that I will have wrong decisions and that I am preparing myself how to handle that. And if ever I fail, I won’t get this job (I so hate) back which I am about to leave. I also have no plans of going back to this industry because my heart is not here anymore.
It is quite sad that I have no close friends who are fulltime freelancers nor a family member who knows exactly why I am doing this. I am looking to hear words of encouragement or even convictions right from my very own ears but it seems the online world is all I can seek refuge from. I just turn to stories of people whom I don’t even know personally and vice versa to feed my courage within to take the plunge. 

I have so little time to prepare but  I have already a final decision that come what may, I am facing this. The more that I match my lifestyle to this kind of setup, the more that I discovered I need to make major changes… some of them scares me so much that right now I have no idea how I can make it through.

Moving with my two brothers and a sister

I currently live in a condo unit, a first class type of accommodation here in Manila.  The reason why I am only able to stay here for the past 4 years is I share it with three of my former coworkers. It costs a bit more compared to the usual rent but the convenience and  security are the best here. 

Starting a freelance life is not stable. I worry I may not be able to afford the high rent and dues.  I am planning to get an apartment with my siblings where the rent is much cheaper. My younger brother who is a software programmer is already earning four times of my salary. He promises to pay a big chunk of the monthly rent so this is a relief.

I have long been wanting to move out because for the years that I lived with these three girls, I have known their attitude. One of them is already unbearable because of her disgusting character that I cant stay inside if she is around.    

Of course if I move, they have no other choice but to find another place  because the divided amount of rent to three of them  is already way expensive. I don’t know how to start saying my plan and when but I need to make this sooner.

I have been terribly busy, same with my other two brothers who got work too. They have to find one and start living there by end of this month.     

I only have enough savings

It is not that I squandered during the eight years I worked in corporate that is why I was not able to save a lot more than I need.  I was helping my family back then and even funded my two younger brothers to finish college. Thanks to the One above, they were able to graduate.  Right now, I am happy that my younger siblings who are college graduates are already helping so the ‘burden’ is no longer mine. 

Anyway for the past six years of my blogging life,  I have established quite a few connections and some online means to make money on the side so I think I can still make it. 
I just finished a travel guide to be posted to a website of a travel agency for $16.  I think If I will get a number of writing sidelines apart from my online work, I will able to stay afloat.

 I tell you, there are so many circumstances in my life that I have nothing and I have no one to back me up but for some reasons  I just face it then in the end I am able to make it through. Help comes in just right when I need it! I think this is all about when you have the purest faith of achieving something, universe will conspire as what Paulo Coelho said.

It seems that I will be frequenting Makati soon. I have found a very affordable coworking space which is called Bitspace and looking forward to work here. Makati is only 10-15 min away by bus or train without traffic from my current location so I have no problem commuting here from time to time.

My work is actually location independent meaning I can do this anywhere but I prefer to have this in a place that I can do my work formally and able to meet like-minded individuals. 

Like what I mentioned in my previous post "Prepping Up For A Digital Nomadic Lifestyle And Back In Manila" here, moving forward as I enter the world of freelancing, this blog will no longer just about ordinary travelers but those who are passionate about finding a career online at the same time enables them to be anywhere.  This also includes travel contests which I am so fond of, travel opportunities for bloggers and a lot more.

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