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Won 2 Cathay Pacific Airways Manila Hongkong Roundtrip Economy Tickets Via #onedayofflineph Contest

Friends I am way over the moon! I just received an email from Cathay Pacific I won two roundtrip tickets Manila to Hong Kong. I was walking inside the mall when I saw this booth of Cathay Pacific in the last days of September. 

The question is given a day of no connection to Internet and other gadgets, what will I do? My answer is "I'm going to hand-write thank you and love you messages at the back of postcards I collect to people I treasure the most."

 I am happy to be chosen because there are hundreds of participants who posted theirs on Facebook & Instagram. Note that this is not in any way related to the other photo contest I have also won hosted by this airline on Instagram which I have not received a reply of what will be the prize.

I will most probably take this trip on my birthday and bring my Mom, one of my favorite travel buddies. February 2016. Thanks Cathay Pacific Airways :)