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Kleenex & Cucumber Extract: Perfect Partners To Women's Real Softness

Whenever I go to the mall to buy a tissue paper, I just do an eenie minie minie moe to choose which one among the rest of its kind.I see all of them as the same from packaging to its usage. My point is "Anyway, I just use it to wipe off dirt from my skin and nothing else important. I did not know that there is also science and beauty behind every peace of a high - quality tissue paper. My presence at the newest campaign launching of Kleenex held at R Space Makati, the world's number 1 tissue taught me so much about modern women like me who juggles quite a number of different roles from a very hectic lifestyle. 

Dubbed as Face Anything, Kleenex wants to show to every Filipina woman how real softness takes a woman from her day job to the night scene while staying fresh and clean. In reality though, a woman's life is not always smooth. 

In a world filled with rough elements, finding the right partner to complement their different personalities is quite a challenge.  This is where Kleenex comes in.  Kleenex just added cucumber extract as their newest variant for their tissue paper products that are much softer than before. This meant less irritation from our skin whenever we rub a Kleenex tissue paper to our skin. The cucumber extract is known to have properties that are very mild to our skin preventing our cells to be damaged or just look reddish.

I am also glad to have seen Manila's most - admired women personalities: Divine Lee (model), Gretchen Ho (athlete), Laureen Uy & Nicole Anderson (fashion bloggers) and of course Cheska Kramer  (from Team Kramer).   They talked about what are the benefits for choosing Kleenex tissue paper compared to getting the cheap ones. What I love about these women is that despite their different backgrounds they are all in one when it comes to finding the right products that help them to follow proper hygiene without sacrificing how they look their best.

It was a fun night to remember an event that is fully dominated by women. From now an and moving forward, my perception to a tissue paper has changed for the better. It will no longer be "just to wipe off dirt" but a tissue paper like Kleenex that can make our skin softer than ever.

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