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More Grit for 2015

Whenever a new year starts we have this impression that we are given another chance to start all over again. A chance to correct mistakes and a chance to keep going whatever we are going through.  My previous post talked about my 2014 which was half a success and half a failure.

For 2015 I am not saying I will be perfect but I am hoping to be better than ever. Lessons from mistakes are there to teach us that there's always a second chance.

I think what is lacking in me is GRIT,  (quoting Wikipedia) in psychology is a positive, non-cognitive trait based on an individual's passion for a particular long-term goal or endstate, coupled with a powerful motivation to achieve their respective objective.

I always have this obsessive-compulsive thing to start super energized but somewhere along the way when bumps show up, I go back up running like a kid who lost her way home.  I have no great to keep this fire burning in me so this time I will keep on trying./

Let me share my goals this 2015 and beyond.

1. Health  and Wellness

 I'm pretty thin and underweight. I am really praying to gain more pounds. While most of us are trying to shed weight, I am the opposite. I am a very hyperactive person. I don't like just lying down the whole day or resting so much. This year since I am not getting any younger anymore , I want to slow down. I want to take everything easy. 

Come February I will be turning 31. I am trying hard to eat more nutritious food. I actually already started late last year .  I hated myself for not taking care of my body in my younger days . I have started drinking milk before I sleep and taking vitamins too. 

I will also try to squeeze in between exercising or doing anything physical. There's actually a gymn in the condo where I live. The only challenge is me finding time for this!

2. Travel
Well I guess I am forever tormented by the idea of travelling - even if it is just a block away to check out a newly-opened restaurant, an event that talks about a culture I am not aware of, an international movie festival, a meetup for a cup of coffee with a traveler who just arrived here in Manila and would love to talk to a local like me for some insights et cetera.

I have no definite plans yet where to travel next honestly... wherever that is I will just let you know :)

3. My Online Shop
I can only run 10% of my online shop right now. Despite my hectic schedule of work and personal, I still manage to answer inquiries and book for clients. 

I am praying to find a like-minded person(s) who can help me put this business back. Someone who can trust me that I will be able to pull this off - from finance to mentorship to marketing and legal matters. 

I am willing to leave anytime my job just for my online shop anytime I am ready to. I am very passionate and also open for other ventures that involve online because this is where my heart is.

4.  My Blogging Career
I will blog for as long as I live. This is I am sure of no matter how impossible for me to find time.  

Grit is more powerful than all the hard work combined. May truck loads of grit be with me this year and so on!

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