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Luminisce's Elixir Facial Treatment For Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkles Solution

luminisce skin clinic

Do you know that I have wrinkles in my forehead already?  I've had these since my early 20's for reasons I don't know until now. Maybe because I never took care of my skin that much before or as a kid I used to stay under the sun a lot. I have never been conscious about these fine lines spreading all over my forehead for years honestly. Until I reach my 30's  when I became serious in joining events as a blogger and looking good is really something I should take consideration because that's part of my branding and creating a good impression to the people I meet. 

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It did not took me long to find a great skin clinic that is worth my visit. An instagram post from a trusted friend led me to Luminisce  run by Dr. Kaycee Reyes, a London-trained dermatologist and wellness advocate.  Luminisce has a wide range of services aided with state of the art technology to address skin and body's particular needs.   

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What I like about my visit as a first - time guest is that I get to have a one-on-one chat with Dr. Kaycee herself insted of a staff about what concerns me the most about my skin. I have checked out quite a number of dermatology clinics before but often it is the staff that first talks to us for a consultation. In Luminisce, they are very particular about a personalized approach for your much deserved skin service. 

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Our conversation was very short and straightforward. She enlightened me about the types of wrinkles because I got 5-6 lines. She said what I got is called static the one that appears all the time even though I don't frown or raise my eyebrows.  In her room is with one of her staff who is also listening to our conversation. Later I knew that she will be the one to do the service for me.

Dr. Kaycee is a great epitome of her clinic's services. I feel kind of "starstruck" to her actually because she's got a flawless face. She is actually just a couple of years older than me. She said  there are two solutions that she suggests for me to get rid of these wrinkles: a facial treatment and botox.  She has been using Botox for five years already that is why she looked really stunning. 

Elixir facial treatment is for those who are scared of even the most tolerable injection in our face. According to Luminisce, using the Botu "VIP" treatment from Ericson Laboratoire, this simple and fast procedure is the popular and preferred wrinkle-relaxing treatment today  since it fades with the efficacy of 2 powerful substances : the FILLOX to smoothen and fill in deep lines and SYN-AKE to relieve muscle tension. This procedure is known to remove those deep facial expression lines in a few sessions of this.

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Before the treatment
I am just lucky because my wrinkles are not visible enough in photos except of course if it is a close up. The picture above I have to raise my eyebrows for my lines to show up. 

Elixir facial treatment  is pretty much like the usual facial treatment which lasts for about an hour. It is composed of 6-7 variations of from a milk lotion, to a certain moisturizer jelly to a cream and a specially formulated snake venom all the way from France is what Elixir is for. 

Myca, the staff was very patient enough to explain the names of these one by one. Just that I was busy taking photos.

luminisce skin clinic review

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luminisce skin clinic

luminisce skin clinic

After the treatment, look at how my face becomes bright in an instant. This photo of mine is already a close-up but the lines aren't visible yet. Oh wait,  my treatment is not over yet. I also tried Botox which really scared me at first but the pain was tolerable. 

With Dr. Kaycee

She said if you want the slow process of getting rid of wrinkles you take the Elixir facial treatment. If you want a speedy change, Botox is the answer. I will be posting my picture after a couple of weeks once I see the lines fade. She reminded me that what we did is only to soften the lines not really to completely vanish it because this is just a first time.  To be able to get a 100% disapperance of wrinkles requires a series of sessions of course.  

To those who are not aware of Botox yet, it is a fast and non-surgical treatment that relaxes wrinkle -causing muscles, gradually fading deep lines like crow's feet with regular treatment. This procedure is also know to reshaping facial features as well, bringing out a smoother and younger appearance.

More details of Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations below:

Address:  2nd Floor Mercury Drug building, 32nd Street, 4th Ave. Fort Bonifacio Global City

Contact numbers: Mon - Sat 10AM - 7PM Sunday by appointment

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