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GMA Artist Center Talents Vince Velasco, Juancho Trivino & Enzo Pineda Share Their Summer Plans & Career Goals

Right after I landed in NAIA (I went to Ozamiz in Mindanao for a day and a night only) I went straight  to Louisse Private Resort in Antipolo last Mar. 26th to join the GMA Artist Center's Summer Pool Party at 9am. It's good thing that I packed light so I was able to move around fast even though I haven't unloaded my stuff yet from my trip. But it was the traffic that almost killed me from waiting. I arrived at past 12nn . It is never, ever my habit to be late in commitments like this but this one is really another story.

As soon as I got inside, I saw familiar faces of fellow bloggers I always bump shoulders during brand campaigns and events. I looked for Ms Ira Go, the Events Specialist of GMA who sent me  sent me the email invite.  I actually do not know the personalities whom we will get to know that time so it was really such a surprise that three good looking hunks are joining us that afternoon - Vince Velasco, Juancho Trevino & Enzo Pineda. Since I arrived late, I honestly don't know how to start mixing myself up. Thanks to Vince Velasco who sat beside me while I grab a quick bite. A quick chat with him gave me a warm up to be able to get the ball rolling. He is this typical chinito - mestizo guy. He smiles a lot and we were able to relate to each other because he also loves travelling though his white - shiny complexion never "intimidated" me. He seemed to be very calm when he speaks and listens carefully to what I say. He knows how to carry a good conversation going.

Getting to know Vince Velasco and Juancho Trivino

Vince and Juancho sits beside each other while we throw questions to them.  They were asked who among the local actresses they would like to get paired. Vince, 24 years old and stands 5' 11" said Anne Curtis, Soleen Heusaff and Heart Evangelista. Juancho, 21 years old and stands 6" on the other hand wants a fellow newcomer to build a loveteam because he said he prefer to establish his own mark as soon as possible.  Although both acknowledged the fact that getting paired with actresses who has been in the show business ahead of them could really give them the opportunity to learn a lot.  Vince seemed to answer questions seriously but Juancho cracks a bit of wit from time to time that makes us all laugh.  Though he is the youngest among them, with his looks (darker skin tone and traces of Latino roots) I can say these can land him more lead roles in the future.

Regarding summer plans especially Holy Week, Vince is planning to go on out of town trips while Juancho prefers to stay in Manila. He said this is time the time that Manila is at its most beautiful state, most of the people are out somewhere.

I asked them what does it take to be part of the GMA  Artist Center compared to doing it their own ways. They both said that the amount of learning, support and exposure is way, way better than anyone else.  I also asked them since they are more than a handful per batch, how is the process of choosing which one gets a role of this and that. They said they are in a healthy competition that allows them to be able to find the type of role they find their skill matches the most.  Regarding future projects, they said there's a number of line up but they don't want to reveal it yet. 

Now on to the most important question of all, yes ladies I hear you. Yes they are both single at the moment.

Getting to know Enzo Pineda

In the other corner, Enzo  who is also 24 years old is flunked by other fellow bloggers.  They seem to be in the middle of a very interesting conversation that I cannot butt in. I just quietly sit and watched him while I eavesdrop to their conversation. All of them are asking him about girls and stuff. He was asked if it is ok for him to kiss in the first date. He said no. He believes there's a right time for that.  When it comes to hookups, he said he is not into this too. He still believe love matters the most.  Regarding summer plans, he is thinking to go out of the country maybe watch the Pacquiao fight in the US he said.

He said he looks forward to do more mature roles because that's what makes anyone's career in the show business a sign of positive growth. Right now, Enzo is taken. Sorry ladies. 

It was really nice chatting with them. Now whenever I tune in to GMA to watch, I have an additional 3 personalities worth watching for.  It was a lovely afternoon spent with these boy-next-door hunks in this really awesome private resort. And yes, I swam my heart out in this bluish pool before I headed home.

You may get to know them more via their social media profiles below:

Enzo Pineda: Twitter and Instagram is @enzo_pineda
Vince Velasco: Twitter and Instagram is @enzo_pineda 
Juancho Trivino: Twitter and Instagram is Twitter - @juantrivino 

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