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The Residence Inn: Mini Zoo and Zipline at Mendez, Cavite


Just 15 minutes away from Paradizoo, we went to Residence Inn - a mini zoo and zipline place at Mendez, Cavite. Paradizoo and Residence are both run by a group called Zoomanity but they are entirely different from each other. Paradizoo is way, way bigger than Residence Inn but in terms of the volume of people I saw that day it seems the latter is taking the lead. One reason I am guessing is the geographical location. Paradizoo is nestled in a little bit remote area than Residence Inn which is somewhat near the centro of the barangay.

The Residence Inn is just a portion size of Paradizoo but looking back at the amount of time we spent in each of these, it is almost equal. Therefore I conclude in visiting a theme park, mini zoo et cetera, it is not about who got the most numbers of but it is all about what is it that they offer that the visitors keep on coming back.

Fish Aquariums
A number of aquariums first greeted us each containing different fish species from sharks to gold fish. I had a peak of what's inside the ocean's deep!

I fear snakes. No matter how tame it is. Just by looking at them makes me tremble and scream seriously. I have no courage to even come closer to anyone of them! To those who are not, you will have a great time posing with really huge and long snakes there.

It's been seven years since I tried this! I would love to try again but I was not really hundred percent really feeling well so I just let myself feast to the views of those who are strong enough to conquer their fear of height.

Photo Ops with these (LIVE) animals. 
I so love this part when we had a picture of these trio - parrot, iguana and owl. It appears that they knew what they are doing. 

My favorite of them all is the owl because of the eyes. Look! Deep inside these fierce eyes I can feel something mystifying.

My Spiderman!
All I knew is I am staring at a statue of my favorite superhero. Then all of a sudden it he moved gently to the surprise of everyone and doing some dance moves! 

I love this part of Residence Inn where visitors can eat their food and overlooking the Taal Volcano from a distance.  From time to time you will hear of zipline and cable car riders screaming as they pass by hanging in the air. For food lovers, they also have the Gazeebo restaurant where you can order the bulalo, tawilis" -a fresh water sardine found exclusively in the Philippines. 

Spell courage! I was able to have my picture to this 2 year old tiger busy drinking his milk.

They also have a lot of cute animal stuff toys to bring home as souvenir. If you want a henna tattoo they have a booth too. I heard they also have magic shows and animal trick exhibitions at a certain time in a day. 

Btw from January 10 - March 24 on weekends, Paradizoo will host one of themost anticipated annual festivities in the field of agriculture as Paradizoo re-unfold “Power of Three" (floral, vegetable and agri-livestock fair). Join us from January 10 March 14 featuring an amazing Animal Parade, a gala for this year of the sheep.  See different breeds of sheep parade. Also develop and enjoy your understanding towards agriculture as you will learn the Best Practices in agriculture. They will exhibit and display farm produce, sale and auction of livestock (imported breeds of goats for milk and meat, sheep, several pig breeds animal feed, and a lot more). There will be briefings, discussions on breeding programs and free seminar on flower, vegetable and livestock care. 

For more information please click here

Entrance Fee: P299
Address: 899-9595 loc. 344/347, 09185033399

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