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Peak Form - One of Manila's Best Technology-Assisted Expert in Sports Care & Services

 Believe it or not but despite my think physique, I was very active in sports back in high school and college days in my province.  I love badminton and biking so much that whenever I go home with a bruised arm and inflamed knee my mom would rather be quiet because she has said enough of me to be careful and if possible avoid these. But how can I turn my back from something I really feel good doing at? She cant stop  me so instead of pushing me away from joining a lot of sports - related  activities, she even started storing first - aid kits to heal my wounds.

That was many, many years ago.The generation of today's sports fanatics and die-hard athletes are way, way better than during my time.  While I have no doubt of my mom's 100% priceless care for doing personal medication treatment to me, we now have very reliable machines, treatments and services for everyone's safety.   Also the peace of mind we give to our loved ones who only wish our own good at all times is priceless.

Peakform  is a clinic that offers therapy to a myriad of physical discomforts for those who are are very engaged in physical activities especially for athletes

What are these equipment?

You’ve heard of the machine they use to blast kidney stones.  You notice the machine is 
specially calibrated such that it does not harm the skin, muscles, bones and the kidney; it targets only the stones.  This machine follows the same principle but now we focus on scar tissue, sore muscles and inflamed tendons.  Normal tissue is spared so you don’t have to worry about over-treating.   A few thousand “shocks” in less than five minutes and you’re on your way.

CRYO MACHINE for cryo - treatment
Very few top-notch physical therapy centers that have this piece of equipment.  Athletes 
complain of muscle and tendon soreness and joint aches during and after competitions.  This 
slows them down in terms of training since they still have to mend.  What we do with this 
machine is literally freeze the pain and swelling away.  You only need a few minutes in one area, and we’ll get you back to working out in no time.

LASER & ULTRASOUND COMBO MACHINE: Laser and Ultrasound Therapy 
These are the basic tools in physical therapy centers; they remain the gold standard in the 
treatment of inflammation.  They are very helpful in dealing with muscle spasms and any form of swelling.  Patients are known to fall asleep during treatment from the soothing effects after.

Sports Massage and Full-Body Stretching
Athletes are prone to developing fibrous tissue or nodules between the muscle and fascia (the paper-thin covering).  We often hear the words ‘lamig’ or ‘hangin’, terms used by masahistas.  Obviously, medically speaking, there are no such entities.  Scar develops frequently due to overuse and improper technique as well as a poor understanding of stretching, warming up and conditioning.  Myo-fascial release therapy is a technique developed to break down scar tissue (which is the enemy) and help muscles regain proper flexibility and strength.

I got to try their shockwave therapy machine myself. This lady therapist assisted me  by putting on a gel which is exactly the same type of liquid that is used by pregnant women in their ultrasound session. It helps to "detect" the standing of which part of your skin including the muscles and tendons below need treatment. It sends a very minimal wave to our skin and gives you a feel of being "electrified" but you won't feel it that much.

I love the cryo machine is like your modern ice bags that instead of putting a messy and wet packs of ice on your skin, this blows a very cold air instead.  

Actually Peak Form is not only for athletes, this is for anyone who feel any physical discomforts whether  you have to run miles for a job interview or you accidentally slipped on a wet floor.  Their therapists are all registered nurse and the staff are very much welcoming. 

Peak Form is located Unit 807, The Infinity Building, 26th St., Bonifacio Global City.  Call 478-9408 or 0916-353-4485 to make an appointment.

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