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The Food Club: Your Lifestyle Buffet In Manila

Buffet restaurants in Manila have mushroomed everywhere trying to win the stomach of certified food buffs who has a little more to spend than the usual. These kinds of people are not the ordinary diners who find a place to fill their hungriness but they are the ones who are looking for a more extravagant and sumptuous dining experience.  This is a tough challenge to every buffet restaurants in the metro that should be taken seriously and be the top priority to attract then eating at their own plates.   

Speaking of , I am once again updating my personally recommended list of buffet restaurants in Metro Manila. I  am adding The Food Club Manila, Your Lifestyle Buffet located along Blue Bay Walk, Macapagal Ave.,  Pasay. I braved almost an hour traffic to reach just in time to join their first year celebration as they host an exclusive bloggers and media dinner buffet few days ago.

I arrived around 6PM but the sky is still clear so I had the chance to take a photo of its front facade. Looking from outside, The Food Club Manila projects a very cozy and classy environment from a distance. Of all the restaurants that serve buffets in Manila, The Food Club is one of those that is much spacious compared to the rest. This kind of dining place is always crowded so a bigger environment is really a must.  I also appreciate the fact The Food Club really made efforts to maintain the privacy still through its different table and chair arrangements. From intimate dining experience of a couple to a big group of family and friends, everyone has a spot. 

More about The Food Club Manila

The Food Club Manila was conceptualized from the idea of bringing the opulence of buffet restaurant outside the hotel setting.  You will be dining with self - service, market-style set up  and where cooking is an art. They use only the freshest and the finest ingredients to bring the best taste to their guests.   It is composed of 4 major kitchen stations: Asian Kitchen Station, Western Kitchen Station, Cold Kitchen Station and Dessert Kitchen Station.

Asian Kitchen Station 

You can find selected cuisines from Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Mongolia,  Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippine dishes. There's a Tempura , Shabu-shabu and a separate Chinese section which features a wide array of authentic Chinese food particulary the dimsum section.

Cold Kitchen Station

A selection of freshly made salad, create your own salad section, nachos and tachos section, cold cuts section and sushi and sashimi sections. My personal favorite is the crustacean section where fresh oysters prawns and red crabs are served.

Dessert Kitchen Station
Consists of halo-halo, kakanin, fresh fruits crepe, ice cream, cookies, cakes, pastry and candy corner. I love their homemade freshly baked bread and a number of imported cheeses too!

Western Kitchen Station

Showcases the finest cuisines of Europe and The Americas - including South America, Mexico, Spanish and Mediterranean cuisines. Worth checking out are the Western Soup section, Pasta section, Pizza section and Carving section.

With so many to choose from, as much as I want to I cannot taste everything. I feasted on a almost a dozen of makis and sushis because I am half-full when I arrived in the restaurant. They serve it just the way I want it from my favorite authentic Japanese restaurants. 

I cannot remember what exactly I put on my first plate but it was a few slices of super thin pizza and a seafood pasta. Then I loaded myself with more plates of fresh slices of fruits to help me quickly digest everything I ate. 

Of course how can I resist these mouth-watering and tempting desserts? 

By the way please be reminded of their No Left Over, No Take Out Policy.  You should really make sure to eat all you put in your place because a fee of a thousand pesos plus will be charged in case you left your plate  unfinished. Isn't it not too much to follow eh?

I also find the staff very accommodating even though they all are very busy for the big crowd they make sure to smile whenever they pass and really pays attention if you have a question to throw to them.

With the rest of fellow bloggers, media personnel, the chefs and crew of The Food Club Manila.

Now how much is it to dine here?

On weekdays
Mon - Thurs Lunch: P650 Dinner: P850 
On weekends
Fri - Sun Lunch: P950 Dinner: P950

Where to find The Food Place Manila?

Building E. Blue Bay Walk, Metropolitan Park, Macapagal Ave., Pasay City
Contact nos
0906-4281-669 / 736-8001 / 779-8673

How about in social media
Facebook: @thefoodclubph

Twitter:  @thefoodclubph

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