Where to eat in Legazpi City and Province of Albay that offers the best authentic local cuisine

You don’t spend many hours on a shaky flight or a whole daytime inside a butt – wreaking bus ride only to eat in Mc Donalds when you travel right?  Of course you find the place where locals go. There’s a universal law about that – wherever that gathers the most crowd, it means it has the best taste in town. With this in mind, we prepared a list of the most recommended restaurants where you can eat the best dishes in Albay and be able to have a grasp what is Bicol food culture about.

13 Days To Go Before My Flight To Irosin, Sorsogon For Christmas

To tell you the truth, I am half – excited to go home in my hometown to see my family. I will definitely miss the chaotic life here in Manila, meetups and blogging events I join.  Last night I was able to sold the expensive branded watch, Michael Kors I won in a contest courtesy of a previous event I joined. In Lazada it is Php 16, 000 but currently on 56% off. Since I don’t wear a watch and my happiness is not in material things, I posted it privately to my Facebook friends only selling it for P5k. Within 24 hours, I received thirty – plus ready to pay buyers! I chose the one who messaged me very soon and I am happy to give it to her more than half the price. So there, I have a Php5k added to my travel fund!

Irosin is a quaint and landlocked municipality in the province of Sorsogon. By bus from Manila, it takes 12 – 15 hours to reach this place. This is where I spent my childhood and until high school.We have no beach, but hot springs and lots of rice fields. That is the thing about me, when I am in crowded place, I complaint about it when I am in a quiet place, I complain too! We outsource all the seafood we eat especially the fish to nearby municipalities in Bulan, Casiguran, Matnog and Bulusan. When I reached college I moved to Sorsogon city which is just an hour away where I spent two years. This is the very first time I experienced independence away from home at the age of 16 I think. I just go home on weekends. After finishing my two – year diploma in Computer Studies, I moved to Legazpi City where I spent three years to finish my degree in Computer Science and also lived for another two years to work.