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My Legazpi Flight Has Been Cancelled :(

It's with sadness to tell that my flight to Legazpi has been cancelled due to the typhoon currently devastating Manila and some parts of the country including Bicol  region. Here in Manila, it is not a big deal but in my hometown it is so strong that parts of our roof have been swept away. They even have no water and no electricity as of the moment. Still I am thankful that they were not harmed.

I have already rebooked my flight this Friday so hopefully, I can go home this time and the weather will be back to normal. There's so many changes going on. I am in the process of booking our flight to HK and Macau with my Mom. I decided not to do it on my actual birthday for some reasons and that we'll take it on the last week of February. I might be travelling alone in the farthest province in Mindanao region during my birthday that Cebu Pacific flies since I have a free roundtrip voucher I received from them because of a complaint I filed.

My two brothers and a sister decided not to join us anymore for some personal reasons so it is only the two of us. 

That's it. I really do hope that this typhoon leaves the country as soon as possible. I just can't wait to go home and see my family. From Dec 23 - Jan 1, I am entitled not to work with  pay so I am really thankful for this location - independent - remote job that I have right now with an equally nice boss. This time I will make use of blogging my own posts - I have so much to publish here just no time to do it. I am really serious of posting really useful content and travel guides in this blog to keep this going and this will pave way to more clicks that I am paid through these ads that appear all over my blog.

I have also made a very good deal with my younger teen sisters to type all the articles and will pay them. Nice partnership!


  1. Well it is now Sunday 20th December, so I hope that you were on the flight on Friday 18th, and that you had a good journey. According to google weather, all looks good in the Legazpi vicinity now.

    Sorry to hear about the roof damage.

    Seems like your blog is becoming even more of a family enterprise. Seems like a nice way to spread the workload. I trust that you will give your sister(s?) a share of credit, in addition to the money !

  2. Legazpi city is fine just raining so hard but the one that was damaged the most is mY hometown in irosin. Right now we had no electricity and slow internet connection which is a pain in the ass since i work ONline.

    We have a deal for every thousand words typed i will pay them pHp10 :) it is a small amount but i have a lot of articles to type so it can be a pretty good amount of money to add in their school allowance