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Received My Customized Luggage Tags From Cathay Pacific's #lifewelltraveled contest Where I Won From Their Instagram Contest

Remember the Instagram contest where I won from posting a photo of the Grand Mosque in Cotabato CityJust received my customized luggage tag courtesy of Cathay Pacific all the way from HK. This is my second time winning a contest from this airlines - the other is a roundtrip flight to HK for two I will take this Feb. Among the two, this one is quite memorable because , I took this picture during my mystery assignment in Cotabato City. 

With one day and one night night to spend I was trying to squeeze everything. That time I got robbed by street kids taking my smartphone and digicam. I managed to borrow a cheap smartphone with a very low resolution from my housemate. I really want to see this mosque which is the largest in the country. The couple where I stayed said it is too dangerous to go out late in this province. After pleading they finally agree to let me out, in one condition that they will accompany me. They closed their store and had me rent their jeep. It took us 30 min to get there, it's almost dusk. I managed to take a just a few snapshots, not expecting to have a great picture after. I returned back happy I'm able to see this, only to find out that these couple who have been living all their lives there, just had the first time to see it too. ‪#‎lifewelltravelled‬ ‪#‎cathaypacific‬

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