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My Entry To Shangri-La’s #LoyaltyIs Contest

 In my built in office inside the suite we stayed in EDSA Shang Manila

The recent typhoon, Nona has devastated Irosin our hometown so much that since Dec. 15th we had no electricity and no Internet. I am not only talking about our house but our entire town including the nearby provinces. We celebrated Christmas literally in darkness but there’s so much act of loyalty I have to share despite a lot of shortcomings and inconveniences that we need to bear with.  Half of our roof has been blown away by the strong winds that right now we can see the twinkling stars at night and at daytime we have the whole blue sky to watch al fresco. We never complained though, these sceneries are simply stunning to behold. 

The trees that surround us have fallen, others were bent - leaves have gone – only ones that remain are branches and twigs. We had our own versions of autumn right in our premises. To us who lived our whole life in a tropical country, it’s as if we were given a chance to peak at what it’s like in the other side of the world. This typhoon may have destroyed everything but not our faith to the One above, our love  to one another and loyalty that whatever happens we are here for each other.          

A rainbow behind this damaged house
We could move for the meantime to our relatives whose houses have survived but we chose to stay – all because of loyalty.  This is our humble abode for thirty plus years. This is the place where my parents built a family ever since. We can’t just ditch this over a fancy mansion. No matter what, we’ll always go back to where we spent our childhood and that won’t change for the rest of our lives.  

As the first born child, I have witnessed how my siblings came to being at birth delivered at home. These are the years when our local government have not strictly enforced mothers to have their babies at hospitals.  I can still clearly recall how I hear my mom scream like there’s no tomorrow during labor time, my late dad won’t let me come near her so I have to stay outside the room until I hear an innocent cry   of a new  born baby. This is a loyalty set by a husband and father who wishes nothing but the best to his family.

I’ve lived in this town since childhood, I just moved in Manila when I need to find a decent work after graduation. Before when I was a college student and studying eight hours by bus away from home, no matter how I’m in a strict budget I will always find my way going home during weekends. It is about my longing and loyalty of a daughter whom in her heart, home is the best place to belong.

New Year Eve is just a few days away. We are not sure if we’ll have electricity by that time but definitely we’ll celebrate it the loudest and merriest as possible despite the odds we have. The whole community is helping each other to clean the canals and waterways filled with thrash. To those houses that were badly damaged including ours, we have received helping hands from our neighbors that we never expect. I thought the spirit of “bayanihan”, a local term for a community to help each other without asking anything in return has vanished long time ago. This typhoon prove otherwise that loyalty is an innate quality hidden to each of us. We may not feel it every day but in times that we need it the most, that’s when it shows up to each of us.

Loyalty is also about sticking to brands that surpasses expectations by providing utmost customer service and sticks to its high quality. One perfect example is our overnight stay in EDSA Shangri-la Manila on a Premier Room.   It was my best birthday so far with other than with mom who went all the way from Bicol which is twelve hours away. Her long trip was worth it – we had the overnight bonding inside our spacious and luxurious room, a hefty buffet breakfast at Heat restaurant and a one – of a kind pampering at Chi the Spa.  I did not expect a complimentary chocolate birthday cake was also delivered right in our room. 

This is the kind of loyalty that Shangri-la is known for creating unforgettable experience to their valued guests. You may click here   my review of EDSA Shangrila Manila written in my blog.     

Note This is my first entry to Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts' Golden Circle 5th anniversary for Challenge. To those who'd like to win a share of five million Golden Circle Award Points,  you just need to share what loyalty means to you. You may win  one of the 20,000 GC Award Points. The best one will be chosen as "This Is Loyalty" Shangri-La Experience with a five-night stay at the destination of the winner's choice plus a Diamond Membership for five years!

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