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I am the CURIOUS MONKEY STORYTELLER For Passion Passport's Passport To Asia Trip With Cathay Pacific

Passion Passport is one of my most - favorite Instagram accounts. It is basically a community of travelers, storytellers and photographers that gather together online to inspire you to travel.  Well, there's thousands of travel groups in Instagram but Passion Passport is my top pick. I can compare Passion Passport to the Humans of New York on Facebook: both share a stunning photo accompanied by a compelling caption to push you to travel soon. HONY is about every story, PP is specifically about travel.It was founded by Zach Glassman, whose Instagram says "I am the son of a wanderlust mother & a travel-writing father who met on a bus in Guatemala".

While I was scrolling some photos backwards to fill my wanderlust, I discovered they have a project going on called "Passport To Asia" where 9 of its community members will be selected to go on a trip to Yangon, Delhi, Bangkok and Siem Reap which made me super interested that I forgot a blogging task I needed to post. I went on and completed all the mechanics. They are partnering with Cathay Pacific Air so these lucky winners will be flying to HK for 5 days of mentorship I believe and the rest to explore these countries mentioned above.

According to Passion Passport website, here are the details of Passport To Asia trip: 

Trip Details
February 16th – February 25th*
*Please refer to terms and conditions

The full group will travel on Cathay Pacific Airways flights from various cities, gathering in Hong Kong on February 16th. The first five days will be an opportunity to get to know your fellow travelers. There will be a combination of workshops led by distinguished mentors, excursions throughout the city, and free time to explore. Smaller groups will then take off for three days in their final destinations, where they’ll have the time and space to capture these hubs of culture and creativity.

I really love the idea, not only because of the trip itself but being in the company of  fellow travelers sharing moments of stories, photos and togetherness is way, beyond my dream to come true.

Passion Passport will be selecting the top nine according to their answer of what are their creative pursuits that this trip can help . Here's my answer:

Took this photo on my solo backpacking trip to Cambodia Oct 2015. I became speechless as soon as i got off the tuktuk that brought me from my hostel to the front of Silver Pagoda in Phnom Penh. I totally forgot the thoughts of seeing a steady thrum of rain on the windowpane, watching the brightest stars under the darkest skies and the feeling of total bliss just curling on my bed with a good book in my hands. I decided to let go of everything after taking this one shot and played with this boy while trying to catch these pigeons that are so swift to fly as soon as I come near. I wasnt able to get hold of any of these but i felt the greatest joy just by being a child once again. Two reasons why I'd like to join Passport to Asia: 

FIRST I'm always curious about the journey of becoming a monk in Yangon, I'd like to know and make friends with them; i want to learn how to cook Thai cuisine, like the pad Thai & tom yum; I will follow where my nose takes me to the oceans of spices in Delhi and get lost in the wats of Angkor, i 'd like to see the mysterious Ta phrom temple with my own eyes. 

SECOND I wanted to prove that a location - independent lifestyle is the best way to travel in long - term basis. Through this trip, I'd like to document individuals who live a #lifewelltraveled specifically those who use their passion or skills creatively to inspire others but doesn't need to stay in one place. Those who aren't afraid to leave their comfort zones and follow what their heart desires. I'd like to gather their stories and photos to share it on my blog and @passionpassport. Passport To Asia can connect me to a universe of travel crazy individuals whom i'd like to know and be part of. I am the CURIOUS MONKEY STORYTELLER in this trip. I made a specific blog post detailing my answers in my blog, link is #PassportToAsia #passionpassport

I have long been wanting to make this blog a portal of stories and photos of fellow travelers who lead an extraordinary life, meaning those who do not necessarily have a day job but those who use their creative side to make the most of their lives. 

I copy - pasted the exact words I entered via my Instagram account as required by the contest's rules. To those who'd like to join, may the force be with you! Here is the link of Passion Passport's Passport To Asia Trip With Cathay Pacific. 



  1. Best of luck - fingers crossed for a good result !

    (Maria's #1 Fan In London)

    1. Thank you :) There's thousands of participants out there. It is close to impossible I will win. What important is that i tried. i hope so

  2. Not relevant to the above blog, but I will add it here anyway...

    In about Oct you asked "have you booked your flight to Manila yet ?" For various reasons I had to delay, but have now booked - scheduled to arrive on Friday 29 Jan. Not travelling Singapore Airlines first class, unfortunately, but not travelling Cebu ****cific Airlines either !

    Leaving KL for London on Sun 14 Feb. Expect to leave Philippines by Fri 12 Feb. This part not yet booked, but I will have to book it before entry.

    I have a rough plan which I will be happy to share once I have written it down. If you have any recommendations, I will be happy to include a coffee shop in Makati in my itinerary.

    (Your #1 Fan In London)

  3. Wow glad to know you're coming. Well it doesnt matter what airlines it is so long as you arrive safe and enjoy your trip here in the Philippines.
    Sure do let me know of your itinerary maybe i can help. There's a lot of coffee shops in makati, that wouldnt be a problem :)

  4. btw you can send me email here or add me on Facebook Maria rona beltran