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Where to find the best pasalubong / NATIVE CRAFTS in Legazpi City and Albay Province

Legazpi city and the province of Albay have the widest selection of Bicol delicacies / pasalubong and native crafts to any tourist who wishes to learn the history of this place through the local cuisine or just simply wanting to learn native crafts. To help you find the best Bicol specialty pasalubong such as  Albay delicacies and Bicol desserts, we hope this short guide helps:  

Putsan Tiwi Ceramics
Barangay Putsan is  abundant in red clay used to make stoneware potteries finished in terra cotta or glazed that is why it is known as the cradle of pottery in Tiwi, Albay.   Don’t ever think visiting a clay shop only meant seeing plant pots and cooking pots. They have beautiful home decos like chimes, candleholders, tea light vases and decorative jars too. If you ever think it is expensive, a tea light vase is only Php15.

Malilipot Pinukpok Handicrafts
“Malilipot” pertains to the “pinukpok” cloth which is a fine, smooth and silky hand –woven fabric made of pounded abaca fibers, blended with cotton, silk, polyester or pinya said to be three times stronger than cotton and silk that could last several years. 

Bacacay Banig
Banig is the local term for sleeping mats made of pandan leaves or caragumoy. These are hand-woven and is used mostly of ordinary families who can’t afford to buy a bed with a foam on top. 

Daraga Abaca Handicrafts
Albay has plenty of abaca handicrafts such as woven coin purse, colourful baskets, stylish abaca bags and home decors as pasalubong. The Bicol region is the highest producer of abaca in the Philippines so expect to have the best quality of abaca handicrafts at the lowest price.

Souvenir Shops / Souvenir Shopping 
The pasalubong central of Legazpi City is found in Tahao Road, Satellite Market. Here you’ll find  widest array of pilinut confections, frozen and canned pinangat, Bicol express and kuyog – native delicacy. You can also buy abaca handbags, household decorative items, Putsan ceramic wares, keychains and T – shirts.
Near Cagsawa Church ruins lies another chain of souvenir shops where furniture items like wicker chairs, sala and dining sets.  To get to church of Cagsawa ruins, find the jeepney bound for Daraga with signage: Malabog, Guinobatan or Camalig.  

Photo and information credited to:

Department of Tourism
Address: Regional office V
DOT Bldg, Regional Offices Site
Rawis, Legazpi City
Contact num: 4820715 and 4815593

Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office
Address: Albay Tourism Bldg, Albay Astrodome Complex
Capt. F. Aquende Drive, Legazpi City, 4500 Albay, Philippines   
Contact num: 4810250 and 7420241


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