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Gingerbon Candy: The Answer For Voice Hoarseness

I used to work in the call center industry for nine long years! I know how it feels when all of a sudden I lose my voice, it meant a day of absence and unpaid (unless I still have a valid sick leave I can file signed by the accredited doctor when I return to work). Anyone working in the BPO (business process outsourcing)who is tasked to receive inbound calls or do outbound sales knows that above anything else, the ability to speak clear is a main requirement. In other words, the bread & butter is their tongue and vocal chords.To those who want to build a lasting career in offshore customer service centers, they should know how to communicate well with their customers who are mostly in the other side of the world.

I have experienced being cursed upon, threatened to be sued,yelled at and even heard some cry over the phone when their Internet is not working or they're unable to use their car to work. I have also received countless commendations for my good deeds and even got a perfect score for customer satisfaction - the survey that they take after they are done talking to me. Truly, each action of someone who works primarily using the ability to talk - depends on how the message is passed clearly.

One thing that I really avoid to have is voice hoarseness especially during my work days. I am glad that recently I learned about Gingerbon - a candy that helps to relax the vocal chords with the warm soothing of ginger. How I wish I knew this Gingerbon before, I could have bought dozens and fill my locker with packs of these!

What is voice hoarseness?
An abnormal change in the voice, is the most common disorder caused by irritated or inflamed vocal cords in the larynx. It is characterized by a weak or airy quality to your voice that  prevents you from making clear vocal sounds.

Aside from prolonged voice use, a number of factors may result to voice hoarseness. Some of these include acid reflux, smoking, and drinking too much caffeinated and alcoholic beverages that can irritate the vocal cords. Disregarding this condition may lead to worse vocal discomfort so it’s best to consult your doctor if hoarseness persists.

To the rescue is Kapal Api Group, one of the biggest companies in Indonesia has developed an interesting way to enjoy ginger, a well-known healing agent. Gingerbon is the first Ginger Chewy Candy in the Philippines that  relaxes the vocal cords with the warm soothing effect of ginger.  The best thing about this is that you don't have to go through the hassle of brewing ginger or dealing with its often strong flavor, just like the good old days of our lola's. 

Gingerbon is exclusively distributed by ADP Industries Corporation. Gingerbon is available in both Regular and Extra Strong varieties and comes in two sizes: 20 grams for those who want Ginger on the go and 125 grams for stocking up in the office or at home. Gingerbon is available at all leading drugstores, convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide.

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