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13 Days To Go Before My Flight To Irosin, Sorsogon For Christmas

To tell you the truth, I am half – excited to go home in my hometown to see my family. I will definitely miss the chaotic life here in Manila, meetups and blogging events I join.  Last night I was able to sold the expensive branded watch, Michael Kors I won in a contest courtesy of a previous event I joined. In Lazada it is Php 16, 000 but currently on 56% off. Since I don’t wear a watch and my happiness is not in material things, I posted it privately to my Facebook friends only selling it for P5k. Within 24 hours, I received thirty – plus ready to pay buyers! I chose the one who messaged me very soon and I am happy to give it to her more than half the price. So there, I have a Php5k added to my travel fund!

Irosin is a quaint and landlocked municipality in the province of Sorsogon. By bus from Manila, it takes 12 – 15 hours to reach this place. This is where I spent my childhood and until high school.We have no beach, but hot springs and lots of rice fields. That is the thing about me, when I am in crowded place, I complaint about it when I am in a quiet place, I complain too! We outsource all the seafood we eat especially the fish to nearby municipalities in Bulan, Casiguran, Matnog and Bulusan. When I reached college I moved to Sorsogon city which is just an hour away where I spent two years. This is the very first time I experienced independence away from home at the age of 16 I think. I just go home on weekends. After finishing my two – year diploma in Computer Studies, I moved to Legazpi City where I spent three years to finish my degree in Computer Science and also lived for another two years to work.

There is a backpacker hostel I found in Legazpi called Magayon Backpackers Hostel. I willmost likely spend a night and a day there. The dorm bed costs only Php250 with electric fan and a hundred more with aircon. The prices are not bad at all. One thing that I learned about my trip to Cambodia and working online for a chain of hostels, if you are young and ready to mingle, you don’t stay in boring hotels alone where you’ll only get to talk to the staff only. You’ve got to stay in backpacker hostels, that’s where the millenials of today usually stay wherever in the world. I have so many things to do before I go home so that I maximize my stay there. I will be in a province where not all the resources I need is available compared here in Manila so I am really doing my best.

This December 9th is my 30th day, start of the claiming of my backpay from my previous company. I hope really that I get it so that when I get home I have enough money to spend. They say it takes until 45 days but I will make sure If I can get it sooner than that. A portion of this amount is to buy some gift or  pasalubong at home.

Book my free HK trip with my mom
I will need to book my trip via landline phone only. It is way cheaper to call here in Metro Manila than in a province, the rate is very high. The deadline to book it as per Cathay Pacific is on or before January 5th so I am trying to make sure it is done the soonest possible. 

My Paypal transaction keeps on getting denied
This is really a pain in the ass! I keep on getting denied whenever I transfer my online payment to my bank account so I can withdraw it for some reasons. This is the second time and it takes two weeks for this to be solved. Whenever I go to Unionbank the provider of my EON card, they say there’s nothing wrong. Paypal just keeps telling me to go back to my bank provider. They seem to point each other to blame each other! Because of this I have no extra money to pay for my out of town trip in Las Casas Acuzar, Bataan. I have to make sure of course that if worse comes to worse, this will take time I have enough to eat. Damn! 

Have not heard about Trex of Cebu Pacific re the free rt voucher     
I am filing another complaint for the incompetent, sloppy and dismaying service of Cebu Fuckcific Air! They have gotten to my nerves already, only if I have the means to sue them I will.

That is it. I am off to my online work in a while and tonight I will be skipping a travel meetup for a bar crawl. I did however advised my younger brother to go there so he can start immersing himself in the travel world. This is one way to meet more people and be inspired, I hope he follows my advice. 
I realized I need to have a good time too, I want to party and drink. There’s a liquor bar hosting a bar crawl for 3 resto – bars in The Fort, BGC. We’ll be riding in a party bus, I was told. I wont drink much but I really would like to have fun tonight or should I say before this year ends.  I wont be able to do this when I am home for sure.