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Bar Crawling With Party Bus Manila And Ginebra San Miguel Premium Gin

Last Friday night, I ditched a travel meetup in favor of a bar crawl. I feel that I had enough of meetups of fellow travellers and travel bloggers in Manila for this year.My flight to Irosin, Sorsogon is really approaching so I would like to have fun before I go home to my hometown where people are already asleep at 10pm. Shortly after, I found a post from BlogapaloozaFacebook bloggers group about pub crawl to be hosted by Ginebra San Miguel Premium Gin, a premium gin product from the maker of the world’s largest selling gin – Ginebra San Miguel, Inc.I quickly sent my details and thankfully got chosen by Sky Gavin, from

I have been really picky of the blogging events I join. Not because I am a prima donna but you know I really just want to make the most of my time since I have a fulltime online work and other things to settle before I fly to Sorsogon Province.To be honest, I am not a hard liquor drinker anymore, gone are the days when I will throw up like hell during college especially those tequila shots I curse until now. I don’t want to happen that again. Right now I am more like a light beer drinker and wine. Who knows the direction of the wind will change this time? 

Our first stop is at The Keg where we tasted the first three drinks all mixed with GSM Premium Gin: Gin Sour (island mix, sour mix + amarreto), Tom Collins (lemon juice, island mix + soda water) and Gin Sunrise (pineapple juice, orange juice + grenadine).

On our next stop, we travelled about 20 min from The Fort to Makati. At Red Dot, we were served another three drinks all with a mix of GSM gin:  Sake cooler (sake, club soda + cucumber), Rosemary (rosemary syrup, ginger + a dash of maple syrup)and The Red Dot, their signature drink similar to Singapore Sling (brandy, pineapple juice, lemongrass and a dot of grenadine).

We had to go back to The Fort for our last bar, the Rue Bourbon. In fairness, I like the ambiance in Rue Bourbon’s second floor – from the cozy design to the wide veranda where we chose to sit on these tall wooden chairs and with a great view outside. We had the last four drinks all mixed with GSM gin – Scottish Margarita (orange liqueur + sour mix), Blue Alexander (fresh lime, spiced syrup, cherry syrup + ginger ale), Party Bus Cocktail (fresh lime, cucumber syrup, spiced syrup, mint + ginger ale) and Clear Blue (peach schnapps, simple syrup + lemon lime soda). And oh, their pizza with cream cheese really tastes so damn good that I rushed to the waiter to ask where it came from. They prepare their own pizza by the way, for eight slices rectangular cut it only costs Php300+.  I will definitely go back here for the drinks and for the pizza. It’s a perfect combination!

I couldn’t believe I drank a total of 10  GSM premium gin mixed drinks that night! My personal favourite of all the drinks I tasted is Gin Sunrise from The Keg, Rosemary from Red Dot and Scottish Margarita from Rue Bourbon.  The only reason why I chose this and the common denominator is that these all taste like your drinking your favourite juice drink but comes in bittersweet taste since it has alcohol content. These are actually cocktails I can recommend to ladies like me who doesn’t drink hard liquors anymore.  

Mission accomplished I did not throw up when I got home. This means GSM Premium gin’s alcoholic content fits just right to my stomach. And oh if you happen to watch CNN Philippines on Your Scoop show, you may watch the coverage of this event. I had a four – minute share of fame when I got interviewed along with the bloggers. I hope they include it on the actual feature of GSM premium gin on air via CNN Philippines.

Most of the photos are credited to Martin Andrade of The Indecent Truth blog.Thank you friend!


  1. Looks like you had a good time - so nice to see you happy and smiling :))

    (in the top photo, I do hope those are not your cigarettes !)

    1. I did :) Nope, i don't smoke. This belongs to a fellow blogger friend who happens to sit in this same chair.

  2. i wonder talaga if that's him...kulit ko.

  3. uyyy hehe kilig naman ako. bkit crush mo? have u met him before? pm me on fb.