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15 Activities You Can Do in Legazpi City

Let’s start from the history of Legazpi. This city started as a barangay called Sawangan which is now referred to as Legazpi Port District where the locals are mostly fishermen and farmers.  From the 15th century to 16th century, the spiritual administration of the town was under the Franciscan friars of the Doctrina of Cagsawa now called as Daraga. The word “Legazpi” is named to the city (used to be an ancient village called Sawangan) after Don Miguel Lopez de Legazpi by virtue of Royal Decree dated Sept 22, 1856.    

Don Lorenzo Hac is the first Gobernadorcillo. Rev. Camilo Abainza the first acting parish priest. Legazpi became a city for the first time under the Becerra Law of 1892 and dissolved into a municipality during the American Occupation. It became a city for the second time by virtue of Republic Act No. 306 on July 1948 which included the Municipality of Daraga. On June 8, 1954 it was once recreated as a municipality.

On June 12, 1959, per Republic Act  No. 2234, as amended by Republic Act No. 5545. Legazpi became a city for the third time. Presidential Decree No. 125, issued in 1973, declares the Municipality of Daraga as part of Legazpi City.
Legazpi city tourism is just starting to bloom and often not within the usual itinerary of someone backpacking around the Philippines. 

To those who are looking to find a sample of Legazpi city tour, please see below the list about things to do in legazpi:

CONQUER Mount Mayon, the world’s most perfect cone volcano, wit your mountaineering skills, have an exciting ride  with an ATV on the slopes, and watch lava at the volcano’s gullies.

EXPERIENCE  Lignon Hill with its breathtaking 60 degree view of the City at its famous view deck on the hill top; have an adventure of a lifetime at the Kait-tuko, the Hanging Bridge, the historic and mysterious tunnel used by the Japanese in World War II and it’s Zipline.

DISCOVER  Legazpi’s deepest secrets and dive to explore the City’s rich marine resources suh as rare sea creatures and countless numbers of colourful corals.

BE FIT   Jog, walk, ride a bike or a Segway and try jet skiing or other fun water sorts at the Legazpi Boulevard, the “Fitness Hub of the City”.

BE AMAZED  at the sight of the Kauntukan Hill which got its title “Sleeping Lion” from its unusual lion-like form and contour!

MARVEL  at the beauty of Mother Nature at the City’s Ecological Park!

LEARN  the best waste management at the City’s Sanitary Landfill, the only one of it’s kind in South Luzon.

VISIT  the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe at Barangay Buraguis and see life-sized statues.

STROLL at the Legazpi’s Rizal Park and have your picture taken near the Liberty Bell at the Penaranda Monument.

REVISIT the pastand go the Saint Gregory the Great Cathedral with structure inspired by the historic Saint Raphael Church at the downtown Legazpi, and to the Battle of Legazpi Pylon.

ENJOY the night at the Embarcadero de Legazpi; dine; sho till you drop and have fun in its Viewing Decks and Zipline!

SLURGE at the City’s “Pasalubong” stores such as the Grand Central Terminal Legazi and SEDCen, and buy souvenirs.

This August, REVEL WITH THE Legazpenos at the spectacle of the annual Ibalong Festivasl, the longest running socio historico-cultural festival in Bicol.

BE AWED by probably the highest structure of Masons in the country. Donated by Mayon Lodge No. 61 as a symbl of their significant contribution in the overall progress of the City.

TAKE THE BEST SHOT of the most memorable photos that could be taken at this spot with (5) landmarks serving as backdrop, such as Sleeping lion (Kapuntukan Hill Lignon Hill, LegazpP. Boulevard, Albay Gulf and the Majestic Mayon Volcano.
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Photo and information credited to:

Department of Tourism
Address: Regional office V
DOT Bldg, Regional Offices Site
Rawis, Legazpi City
Contact num: 4820715 and 4815593

Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office
Address: Albay Tourism Bldg, Albay Astrodome Complex
Capt. F. Aquende Drive, Legazpi City, 4500 Albay, Philippines   
Contact num: 4810250 and 7420241

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