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Why I Am Forcing Myself to Write a Personal Blog Post Every Week Completely Different from Sponsored Reviews I Do

I am writing this just hours after I woke up in the morning of Sunday deciding to stay for the entire the day at home to rest. My past two days were all spent on a food tour where I joined a group of bloggers who dined in six  middle - class restaurants in Makati. I will be blogging about it one by one soon.  The picture above is me in the third restaurant for the last day of the tour. It was a great 2-day food review because I met a lot more bloggers from different niches. Blogging is all about connections so the more you know, the more chances of blogging opportunities!

This is just a SMALL portion of what we ate yesteday!
While browsing my blog archive, I realized I've been writing so much about brand campaigns, events, personalities so on and so forth. While I am having a great time supporting their advocacy and spreading awareness, I realized my blog is losing its identity. As the Founder and Chief Editor of this blog, It is my job to craft a unique and compelling story of myself and things that I am passionate about to write on a consistent basis. I feel that I need to have an image that best represent what is this blog all about.

This is also a move to encourage more readers to keep on visiting back because they are reading A STORY IN PROGRESS that can only be found here. I have been browsing a lot of blogs as well here in Manila. I am not alone suffering against this dilemma. Almost every single homepage of the ones I check are all about products and services that the blog seemed to become a commercial commodity. While there is nothing wrong with it, the personal touch is nowhere to find. 

When I started my blog in late of 2009, I was reviewing things from my own initiative without expecting an acknowledgement from the company or a freebie in return. Back then brands were not aware how blogs can be a very powerful tool to give them the best exposure to their target market. 

In 2013, there was an explosion that changed how products and services are promoted online via social media and blogs. Bloggers have become top if not one of the most-sought catalyst to spread the word. 

But still we have forgotten the real meaning of what a blog is - an online journal of our thoughts and experiences we'd like to share to everyone to hopefully inspire an action or impart an idea.  

Beginning next week, I am committing myself to write a once per week of summary how things went in my life and career as a blogger, entrepreneur and all things in between.  The biggest challenge I think would be the time because I never knew the value of one second until I went freelance that if I don't get a sale, I won't be paid. Also as a blogger, my life has become a sort-of an open book. I also want to maintain a private life so those personal aspects should remain as is.  

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