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The Terraz Bistro & Meetings at Zuellig Building Makati

Terraz Bistro & Meetings is the second restaurant we visited after Museum Cafe at Ayala Museum Complex during our 2-day Makati Food Tour out of the six Raintree restaurants. It took us   10-15 minutes by walking from Greenbelt area to reach  Zuellig Building located along Makati Avenue  corner of Paseo de Roxas. This building is very strict when it comes to dress code because flip-flops, shorts and the likes are not allowed. High definition cameras are also not allowed unless there's a permission from the management to take photos. Digicams and mobile phones  are fine. 

Terraz is a casual and a modern dining space that features corporate cuisines. The venue is perfect because Makati Ave and nearby are mostly home to a lot of offices.  Aside from the see-through elevator that takes diners up to the third floor where the restaurant is located, the astonishing view of the nearby buildings, vehicles and passersby.  There is a space for those who want to dine al fresco. If you want a private and intimate dining experience, this is also one of the best place in Makati. They have separate rooms for those who want privacy.

When we went there it is already past lunch but still the tables and chairs are almost full. Let me tell you what we ate:

Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna  - P275
I am never a fan of any fish that is not fried especially tuna but this one is an exception.The tuna is very fresh, you won't feel any "fishy" taste in your tongue  plus tgise fresh veggies like the tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage etc are a great combination too.

Terraz Chef Salad - P295
I love this salad. Though my definition of a salad is always 100% greens, fresh milk and slices of cheese, this one is a twist because there's a mix of meat here. Still tastes very good. 

Pan-seared Boneless Chicken Cream Emince - P350
This is  made of white-sauce pasta, baked potato, asparagus and creamy mushroom.  The chicken is lightly grilled but the inside is very well - cooked. I love the creamy sauce made of mushroom.

Simple Saffron Spaghetti - P250
This one is a bit spicy so I did not ate much of this.  This is made of homemade spaghetti, spinach and smoked grilled asparagus. I ended up munching the toasted bread instead.

Spicy Terraz Corned Beef Adobo - P495
I save the best for last, this is the best-home made corned beef made with garlic, sweet mashed potatoes, and white cheese I have ever tasted! Super highly recommended. Though served in big chunks, the meat is very tender . Yes I hear you, this is served with a bowl of rice. 

Now to the most favorite part of all, desserts!

Pavlovaz - P 150
Pavlovaz is all about chunks and chunks of fruits especially dominated by strawberry. This is heaven for thos having a sweet tooth! 

Crepe Samurai  - P 150
Crepe Samurai is a mix of cinnamon sugar, caramel, bits of  mango and banana. Whew! I want another one soon.Whew! I want another one soon. 

Terraz Meetings and Bistro is located at 3/F Zuellig Building, Makati Avenue cor Paseo de Roxas
Makati City. You may contact them via landline numbers : (632) 625-4831, or (632) 625-4832 or check their official Facebook Fan Page here.

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