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10 Australia’s Dream Destinations for Travelers

Australia is another exotic holiday destination adored by worldwide travelers due to its many picturesque features, you can't afford to ignore many pristine destinations of Australia offering water sport activities like Scuba diving, surfing, snorkelling and many more, a visit to New Zealand will give you best sites for water sports, River Murray is known for its breath taking water sporting at Echucha Moama, Brett Sand Water sports is found just at the shores of the River for water-sports training activities. There are too many destinations to enjoy site seeing, farming activities, camping and a variety of exciting things in Australia. 

The city offers a mixed of modern fast tracked lifestyles for its travelers as well as a more relaxed atmosphere within its beaches. Being a beach town makes it to offer a more relaxing environment for holiday makers, it's equipped with many boutique hotels, lovely restaurants, Sun beaches, the spots are numberless to enjoy. Bondi beach is known for its breath taking and panoramic views of the Sea; sand bathing can be enjoyed here while sipping your oriental wine. Darling Harbor Museums are here to be explored with several species of fauna and flora, aquatic life, Zoos and the likes in a very serene atmosphere, Open House is another popular entertainment centre to exploit. 

Bora Bora
Is an Island destination in the far waters of the Pacific Ocean just near the mainland Australia, it's costly to link to the small Island which is just 2.5Km square but it's worth paying the price. The Island is famous for honeymooners holiday who are looking for a once in a lifetime experience with loved ones, it has very unique hotels and restaurants to be enjoyed while here, Bora Bora pearl Beach Resort and Spa is here to indulge you. Lagoons are here to be enjoyed  with related beach activities like sand-bathing, site seeing, Spa treatments and many luxury activities. 

Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef occupies almost the whole of East Coast of Queensland with more than 1,250 miles stretch of wonderful water-life. More than 3000 forms of Coral Reefs can be found along the Reef for enjoyment by most travelers, many species of fishes, Lagoons, many water activities can be enjoyed here. The Reef is also a home to 2more than three hundred Islands with spectacular features worth enjoying and exploiting by travelers, the Islands offers pristine holiday sites. Water sports activities like snorkelling, Scuba diving, Windsurfing can be enjoyed along its shores, and nice hotels are available one being the Peppers Coral Coast, at Marinas Shores and more .

Fiji Islands are clusters of Islands found along the far off waters of the Pacific Ocean, the Islands are also considered part of Australia when it comes to holiday destinations within the lonely planet. Fiji Island inhabitants are very welcoming to visitors, their culture and traditions are other great things to explore while here. It has a number of very well appointed Resort clubs which lies along its beautiful beaches, Coral Coast is one spot to visit with elegant Resorts, a visit to Coconut Grove hotel along the coast will imbue you to the co. Mountain hiking, snorkeling, trekking are some wonderful activities to enjoy in Fiji. 

This pristine capital of New Zealand has much to offer travelers coming here, the capital is a 
home to bungee jump which is a water sport activity done in very steep water falls, River rafting and Ski-Dive sports. Onsen Hot Pool is also another place to enjoy your holiday in this lonely planet, there are several Hot Pools to exploit while here with panoramic views of the Ocean. Peregrine Wines is another worthwhile activity to engage in while in Queenstown, there are nice wine hotels to indulge and enjoy wine tasting within the vineyards, Skyline Gondora will also give you the opportunity of viewing the city from the skylines. 

It's one of the quite cities in Australia worth exploring with spectacular entertainment sports with live music, the Aussie culture is another thing tom thrill you while here, the population here are very friendly and a laid back neighbourhood. There are several top notch museums to be explore while here like The Parkland region. The Parkland at South Bank: a visit to this region offers the chance of seeing museums, lovely parks and gardens, beaches and many nightlife entertainments. 

Melbourne is the Australian main events capital with many sporting activities bringing people to it, it's very modern and offers a full life for travelers looking for fine things in life can find it in this city. Phillip Island is known for its wonderful Penguins which plays and entertain people going there, the Island also offers many beautiful scenery's. Melbourne Zoo also has many species of animals and plants to watch while in that city, many eateries, beaches, nice food can be enjoyed in the city. 

The city offers one of the most diversified cultures in Australia owing to its many different inhabitants, the culture mix makes it a haven of many live scenes in the city. Bethel's Beach is just found within the outskirts with black sand beaches, the beach offers many activities like swimming, hiking, surfing and many more.

Tahiti is another spot for holiday making in Australia just some kilometres off the mainland, the Island offers many white sand and smooth shoreline beaches, it's rugged and isolated from the hustles of active town life. There are many hotels to visit with perfect accommodation facilities for a perfect destination; it offers a good place for R and R and much more. It has many ragged and deep valleys, panoramic Mountains, many cool black beaches to explore. 

Hamilton Island
Is one of the largest Island offering habitation for many people in Queenstown region, the island is right North of Brisbane within 887 Kilometres. The destination is very popular for holiday making, honeymooning, and water sporting activities and much more, it has several panoramic hotels, Resort clubs. There are cruises for family, kayaking, diving activities, luxury resorts can be found here too, it's a wonderful place for families and honeymooners to enjoy. 

There are many pristine destinations to visit in Australia, all you need to have an Australian Visa ready.

This article is written by Jane Roberts.  Pictures and content are all credited to her.

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