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The Misters of the Philippines 2014 Festival Costume Competition at Fisher Mall, Quezon City

To be honest, I am not aware of any big male pageants in the country that is comparable to the more popular female versions of its kind. I only know that there is one which is the  Misters of the Philippines 2014 when one of its candidate's photo went viral online because of his good looks, great body built and happened to be a police officer.  Being one of the ladies who got very curious of him, I volunteered to to cover one of its events  when a fellow blogger is looking for someone to proxy him.

The Misters of the Philippines 2014 Festival Costume competition was held at the Fisher Mall, Quezon City last Aug. 31st.  A total of 25 candidates from over the country and two Filipino communities abroad paraded their festival costumes to the public, members of media and a panel of judges.  

Each of the costumes depicted different representations of the cities, municipalities, communities or provinces that show how truly the Philippine heritage is. It seems that all of them prepared with great efforts and the costumes are even designed by noted local designers.  Capes, feathers and even a Saint's crown dominated that night. 

"We want to showcase the culture of the Philippines from the costumes that we have here," said PEPPS Project Director Carlo Morris Galang. 

Stylist Shandy Montecarlo Lim also added " It is also a showcase of the creativity of our fashion designers and uniqueness of their designs."

At the end of the event, the top 5 who were best in festival costumes are from Batangas, Samar, Quezon City, Tondo Manila and Navotas. The overall winner will be awarded during the coronation night on Sept 7th.

And yes, mission accomplished. I finally get to have a picture with Neil himself. 

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