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The 2014 Jaguar F-type Coupe Sports Car Review

Did you know that I worked for 8 years in the BPO industry under an account for all types of cars? This length of time never made me an auto expert though but I somehow learned to appreciate to the best of my knowledge which cars really rock and which ones are not. 

Wellington Soong Head of Jaguar dealership in Taguig with Georgina Wilson, brand ambassador
During the private launching of Jaguar's latest sports car, I joined among those who had the first ever glimpse of  2014 Jaguar's F-type available in two body styles : coupe (2-door) and convertible(2-door with removable top) in the Philippine market. The one presented to us is the gorgeous-looking coupe right in front of us.

The Jaguar F-type looks perfectly stunning at the first glance that you will freeze for a while in awe. After that you will find yourself coming closer to know more about it. I am pretty sure even in the middle of the street if you see one of these, definitely you will stare at it for quite longer. If you're asking for a perfect comparison, the Jaguar F-type coupe is like that hot boy toy you usually meet in a mobile dating app. He is undeniably handsome: the hood looks sleek and is opened frontwards. So are the grille, front bumper and the corner lamps in front. The headlamps and side mirrors are unusually large... seems to be attention - grabbing for a small sports car like this.

Spotted in the event Angel Jacob
Now it's time to check the inside and the rear part of the F-type coupe. The seating capacity is only for 2 persons. You open the trunk in the rear, only three medium-sized luggage bags can fit in. The wheels, struts and suspension are too lowered near the ground that you won't wish to get stuck inside here when there's a flood.  I am wondering what if the driver stands 6 foot tall or more, I think it can cause discomfort although I am sure the seats along with the steering wheel can be adjusted inside.

Like your hot boy toy who can rock your bed so good  just as this F-type Jaguar can, you will realize practically - speaking that there are some things that are sure to be compromised should you have one of these. I will leave the decision to those who are passionate in sports cars and those who can afford buying this.  I wouldn't bother to mention the price because this is not really for masa but I am sure this is one of Jaguar's most coveted sports cars to date.

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Photos credited to Ms Kathy Kenny Ngo of      Thanks for the invite :) 

You can visit Jaguar's showroom at 32nd Street and 4th Avenue in Crescent Park West at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City.

For a more decent, detailed and technical review aspect of this car, you may check their official website at or check the official Facebook Fan Page 

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