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Neil Perez, the hunk policeman will represent the Philippines at the 2014 Mister International Pageant in Seoul, South Korea

Like I said in my previous blog posts, I have not heard of any big male pageants in the country until one of the candidate's photo went viral online a few weeks before the Misters of the Philippines 2014 competition starts. Looking at his photo wearing trunks only, I must admit I was immediately taken by his charm. I mean who would not be? He's got a great body built special mention is his nicely- shaped breasts and to-die-for abs. He has this very natural jawline that makes his masculinity exudes more. His moreno color is also very prominent that is a proof that he is of a pure Filipino blood. 

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His smile can make ladies and ladies at heart to swoon in an instant. He's got a perfect set of teeth, tantalizing eyes and that aura of strong sexual appeal. This last one is always subjective to define but in Neil's case he has it all. His bulge down there is shaped just right, his biceps are just fine and his behind still manages to stand out even when he wears loose jeans and slacks.

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I think I had too much introduction of him so let's move on to his background of identity. Neil Perez is actually a screen name. His birth name is Mariano Perez Flormata Jr. He is already in his late twenties and a police officer with a rank of PO2 from the PNP's Aviation Security Group. I was told he is currently assigned at NAIA 3 as part of a group of policemen who protects the airport against all bombing threats. 

I first saw him in person when I covered the contestants during the Festival Costume competition of the Misters of the Philippines 2014 at Fisher Mall , Quezon City. I managed to have a photo chance with him amid a lot of people who want to do the same. I was alone during that time so I just asked a girl standing beside me to take photos via my digicam and smartphone.  While everyone was waiting for me I told him I need to take a few shots of him since I will do a blog post about it. He just smiled and said "Ok lang po."

During the competition, Neil obviously has the biggest share of supporters. I hear a lot of girls especially and girls at heart screaming his name. No wonder that he bagged most of the awards and got the loudest cheers. When it comes to the Q&A portion, his answer did not impress much. There was nothing extra especial or momentous of what he said but you can feel that he is trying all his efforts to answer the best he can. I would say the best answers I heard that night actually came from his fellow contestants who belonged to the top 4 actually. But that night proved to be his as he bagged one of the major awards which is the Mister International Philippines 2014. 

He will represent the Philippines this coming October at Seoul, South Korea for the 2014 Mister International. Hope he wins!

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