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Vyne Restaurant Food Review Courtesy of Zomato Foodie Meetup

Doing food reviews as a blogger has given so many opportunities to eat a lot of extraordinary dishes around Manila I never knew it exist. Aside from that I also discovered an app specifically for foodies, food buffs, food bloggers, food chain owners and the likes that gather to form an active community of sharing information and providing feedback about the food that they eat. Isn't it fantastic?

Zomato is an online restaurant discovery guide with presence in 13 countries and has a total of more than 200, 000 listed restaurants. A few days ago Zomato PH hosted their biggest foodie meetup yet attended by around 40 food bloggers and foodies in the metro. They did a very good job in choosing Vyne restaurant at BGC, Taguig.

We we were served 10 great-tasting dishes that all deserve to be appreciated. Let me share you what we ate:

Pork Chasu Bun (P295) - Pork chasu, fried quail egg, fried mantao, nori strips, leeks and sesame mayo

This one is for those who want a light meal.  What I love about the bread is it was toasted just right (crunchy) to complement with all the stuffs inside.  

Thai Scallops (P300) - Seared scallops, mango salad in Nuoc Cham dressing, sambal mayo, crispy catfish

Looked very squishy, soft and melting in any moment. I love and I have no allergic to seafood so this is one of my top picks for the night.  

Mini Crab Cakes (380) - Mini crab cakes, apply mayo, avruga and pickled radish

Cakes are one of my favorites so how can I say no to this? This one is a bit different from the conventional ones though because the size is smaller. The texture is very soft and the taste of the mayo dressing makes me think this is also half - a - salad in a way. 

Prawn and Ravioli Laksa (P270)  - Prawn ravioli, tofu, fried onions, bean sprouts, laksa soup

This reminded me of my trip to Singapore in 2013. I ate a lot of authentic bowls of these during my stay there so I can tell that this is near to the genuine taste of the ones they have there. Be warned at first of an outburst spiciness that you will feel (It was like my drowsiness vanished in an instant)  but it will settle down as fast as you can think of.

Apple and Bleu cheese salad (P285) - Apple, bleu cheese, cranberry, honey yogurt dressing, arugula

No doubt this is the most good - looking dish among them all!  I am thinking that all green apples are kind of sour but this one I tasted is not.  I enjoyed the feeling of taking the slices one by one then the cheese, cranberry and yogurt are there inside for you to feast on.

Ramen Carbonara (P350) - Miso cream carbonara, smoke pork, ramen broth, sousvide quail egg

This one also stole my stomach away! I love the miso cream so much. It is the perfect combination of the carbonara.

We got two main dishes for the night:

Pan seared sole fish (P420) - Pan seared sole fish, parsley emulsion, saffron risotto, sweet corn puree, roasted vegetables
This is for pesto - vegetarians and really good looking. I am not really familiar with this fish but it tastes just like a cream dory is.  The serving is a little so I am thinking how this became a main dish for the night. I think maybe because I am a full - blooded Filipino so I am used to eating meals with cups of rice always.

US Angus Ribeye Steak (P2500) - 600g of Prime rib steak, horseradish gremolata, beef jus, fried brussels sprouts

To be honest, this is the one of the most expensive food I have ever tasted in my whole life. I am not into beef but this one I was able to eat a number of. Tender, juicy and prepared mild. It came with 4 sauces : gravy, salsa butter & peanut and chicmichuri. I love the fries as well it is not that salty unlike the ones you eat at fastfood chains.

For our dessert, Lemon cheesecake, citrus and basil (P360) - Lemon New York cheesecake, lemon custard, basil, chopped pistachio, meringue.

Looked like an ice drop - the one that is sold in the streets together with dirty ice creams.  I think desserts need no further introduction, we all love desserts don't we?

Vyne Restaurant details:

Address: 8/F W Global Center, 9th Avenue cor. 30th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines, Taguig
Facebook Fan Page:
Contact number: 0917 553 0197

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