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Team Kramer Joins Uratex Philippines' My Home Event

Uratex really knows how a good sleep can lead to a happier, healthier and more bonding moments for a family.  As the leader in foam manufacturing in the Philippines and the producer of best mattresses, once again they spearheaded another event dubbed as Uratex My Home Event to remind everyone of the importance of a good sleep to everyone. I also had the opportunity to check out their latest designs of pillows and mattresses... all I can say is I cannot wait to have one in my bed soon.  The looks are very elegant and comfortable that just by watching at it you will feel sleepy and for sure you'll bounce off when you throw your body on it!

Getting a good night sleep nowadays is quite a challenge as most of us has become busier than ever. We have bills to pay and families to support ...  all that stuff.  We now live in the society that we work so hard that we forget to sleep and rest adequately.  An average of 6-8 hours is the prescribed length of time that we have to lay our bodies at night. If this is not followed, many health problems will occur and can cause less focus to our work or tensions to our relationships with the people around us.

Uratex Philippines is proud to say that they have 46 years of experience always keeping the family's welfare in mind. As a matter of fact, the company is always doing constant research and development to come up with the best quality sleeping tools like their pillows and mattresses we all need.

They recommend a big king-size bed as very ideal for family as a happy healthy playground for the kids. Stories can be read, the events of the day can be recapped, or a favorite DVD marathon with a late midnight snack can bring the family even closer together.

Uratex Philippines invited Team Kramer, one of the most famous celebrity families in the social media today who are all epitomes of a happy family. They share how their Uratex products at home gave them comfort especially having 3 kids in tow to please from sleeping to having a great place to bond with. 

Uratex is one good example of a brand that really knows how to make a product that are trustworthy, credible, high quality and of  high value.  Just look at these beds below. 

For more information, you may check Uratex Philippines official Facebook Fan Page here, Instagram here and their official website here.

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