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Saboten in Glorietta Serves Authentic Japanese Cuisine

Saboten is the sixth and last restaurant we visited during our 2-day Makati Food Tour. Iti s also the the only one in the Raintree group of restaurants (sponsor of our food review tour) that serves Japanese cuisine and at the same time a franchise.  I like how Saboten values those who want to have privacy because they have separate partitions to those who don't want to share tables and chairs with others.  

The flower paintings in the walls which are representations of cherry blossoms also give candidness to the whole place. The staffs make sure to greet everyone who arrives and leaves in Japanese words "Welcome" and "Thank you for coming". 

Saboten which means cactus in English first opened its shop in 1966. Now it has over 500 branches around the world. I was able to speak with one of the staffs while our food is prepared she said that Saboten really has high standards in terms of their food and service. From time to time they are visited by Japanese locals who belong to the mother branch of Saboten in its country of origin.  They are very much particular about the branding and flavor of all their Saboten branches to ensure that that they follow the same in Japan.

Now let's move on to what we are all waiting for, the food we ate:

Our complimentary serving includes the grated cabbage,  pineapple & pipino slices. I love the part of doing our own katsu sauce which I showed to a fellow blogger who has not tried this before -  crush the black and white sesame seeds until the seeds are grounded well. You will know that you are doing it right because a reward of aroma of sesame fills the air.

Karaage is the fried chicken version of Japanese.  It is crispy, tender and not overcooked.

Tuna Katsu Set
The tuna katsu set looks very appealing especially the pinkish color of the tuna. The breading is not too think for us to enjoy the filling inside.

Claypot tenderloin

Curry Chicken
The claypot tenderloin and curry chicken really needed a bowl or bowls of rice. These are for those who want a heavier meal.  I love the curry chicken because it does not really tastes like the ones we cook at home for our chicken curry version. It very much resembles the fried chicken dish.

Chicken Salad Bang

You know what actually I was not able to take a bite of this. Why? We were served too many dish that we favored the tuna, chicken and shrimp breaded dishes. I am including this here just to let vegetarians know that you have the option to try this here.

Our good-looking drinks served to us.  

For our desserts we had : Chocolate Hazelnut Cream cake, Matcha lychee almond cake, Sesame sansrival cake and strawberry shortcake. 

Saboten branches are located at these following addresses: G/F Serendra, Bonifacio Global City and G/F Glorietta 5, Taguig
You may visit there official Facebook Fan Page here and their official website here.

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