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It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez Season 2 Gives you 10 Episodes Starting Oct. 5th

The Gutierrez is undeniably one of the most famous family celebrities in the country. They are very good - looking, talented and very successful in their chosen endeavors.  There is something about this family that they are always talked about so when I heard that there's going to be a reality TV show for them I know it will be loved by all.

Actually their first season was such a hit that they are now back with a bigger, better and bolder second  season. For sure their fans and regular viewers will be thrilled  because this time it will be 10 episodes long compared to the previous which is only 6.

During the press conference of It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez Season 2, the whole family looked very dazzling and all ready to take any questions that will be thrown to them.  Aside from the main characters:  siblings Richard, Raymond & Ruffa and of course the parents Annabelle & Eddie,  4 official characters will join them: Elvis - their brother, Alexa - Elvis' girfriend, Sara - Richard's girlfriend and of course the very adorable baby Zion.

NBC Universal Vice-President for Channels in Asia Pacific, Scott Mackenzie opened the program by saying "This family is showbiz royalty in the Philippines, yet many situations they face resemble every day families' challenges and this is what has made them populaar with audiences in the Asian region. We share in their laughter, feel their pain and watch how they grow as individuals.  Our viewers wanted more and now we are happy to usher in the second season of the show."

Ruffa is an epitome of a single mom not giving hope to find the love of her life soon. She said she hopes to have someone she can also share the camera with in It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez Season 2.  Everyone is asking when is Richard and Sara will tie the know but they said that they are taking one step at the time.  Raymond which is always mum about his romance is also very excited to share his entrepreneurial side in the show.

This season they said that they have a lot of revelations that they cannot wait to everyone.
As usual, Annabelle Rama's wit always keeps the whole crowd laughing because of her very known straightforward personality and her uncanny Bisaya accent.

Alexa Uichico, who will be delivering her baby anytime soon says she cannot wait to have their baby girl who will be the newest addition to the Gutierrez family.  

I have to admit it was baby Zion who really captured the most of our attention. I myself adores this cute baby so much. We all love his short curly hair, his pouting lips and his blushing cheeks that to me he looks  like a doll who came to life!

It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez Season 2 will premiere on October 5th and will air every Sunday at 9PM. See it on E!

E! Channel airs on Channel 57 for Sky Cable and Destiny Digital, Channel 25 for Cignal and Channel 33 on Cable Llink. #GutzOne is the official hashtag for them. You can follow each of via their social media accounts, they are very active online!

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