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The Jelly - G Thai Milk Serves Authentic Thailand Comfort Food

Ever since the milk tea stores in Manila has started to spread out like mushrooms everywhere, I always make sure to drop by to my favorite ones  for a quick dose of my iced tea whenever I can. A few weeks weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit a milk a tea shop in Glorietta . I was actually very curious about what they have for us because instead of the usual Taiwanese-inspired drinks I always find around the metro,  what they offer are flavors from Thailand. 

The story behind this is its owner has been to Thailand so many times for business and leisure purposes. Her frequent trips here became the avenue to learn the culture and food of Thais.  She eventually got hooked to this country especially the food that's why she decided to put up a food stall here in Manila so she can share a piece of Thailand to those who has never visited this country and to serve comfort food to those who are longing to taste the ones they miss back there.

Jelly - G Thai Milk Tea serves authentic, creamy and perfectly blended THAI milk tea.  All the drinks they offer are fresh and natural. According to its official Facebook Fan Page, they process their drinks very good: "Tea leaves and coffee grounded beans are freshly steeped, guaranteeing each customers of the drink’s vividness. Fruit juices are made from puree, preserving its natural flavour and fruitfulness. Each drink is then sweetened and blended to reach its creaminess. To enhance and heighten its taste and visual appeal, grass jelly is added that intensifies the richness of the authentic Jelly G drink."

Jelly - G's owner even have a garden in her home where she harvests her own basil, pandan leaves and other plant ingredients for that homegrown appeal. She also makes sure that all other important ingredients needed to keep up for her Thai-inspired branding are really outsourced from Thailand. Check out their mango and tamarind sweets for you to get a glimpse of fruits Thais grow in their backyards.

Her signature iced teas such as Thai Milk tea and Jasmine Green Milk tea are all brewed not powdered which is the cheaper version of preparing this drink. 

Thai Milk Tea (Php 65 - 85)

Wintermelon Milk Tea (Php 75 - 95)

Caramel with Ice Cream (Php 75 - 95)

These three all tastes good if not better than the popular ones around.  I can tell that these were properly brewed and that I know for a health-  conscious like me this is something I always check out in trying a drink or eating a new dish.

Just like any other milk tea stores, Jelly  G also lets you do the following for your convenience and healthier meal option:
1. Choose your drink
2. Choose your size S4 or S6
3. Choose your sugar level: o%,  25%, 50%, 75%  or 100%
4. Choose your fillers:  grass jelly, coconut jelly, poppers, yakult all costs P10 only and cassava pearl for P20

One thing that sets Jelly - G apart from among its kind, is that they offer a variety of bread toasts.  They really make sure that they offer a unique statement that the bread they use is not the ones that we buy in bakeshops and malls.  They have a baker who customizes the taste, texture and the right amount of thickness they want for the bread.

Aside from the ones I featured above they also have classic vanilla, choco ecstacy, choco banana, chicken carrots, choco oreo, salted caramel etc.  This I assure they look very, very enticing and the price is very affordable! 
Buko Pandan Delight (P45) 

Spicy Tuna Flirt (P55)

Garlic Peanut Basil (P55)
They also offer a Teawich combo for a discounted price if you buy a variety of a tea + a sandwich.  If you like it spicy, they also have Spicy tea and tast combo.

Actually Jelly - G has a lot to offer: different varieties of chocolate, fruit drinks, coffee, noodles and  other Thai snacks. I hope you visit them at any of their 5 branches:

3RD Flr.,  Food Choices,  Glorietta 4
3RD Flr., Activity Center, Market Market
3RD Flr., Treasure Trove, Festival Supermall
Lowerground, Robinsons Metroeast
2ND Flr., Building 3, Sta Lucia Mall

You can check their official Facebook  Fan Page here Their mobile number is 0922 888 4272 and email add is

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