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Tony Galvez proposes a bill for Professional Regulatory & Licensing Board for Technical Vocational Professions

It is sad to say that technical vocational professions are always regarded as inferior compared to corporate jobs here in Manila. A person only takes a tech-voc (technical vocational training) with an average of 6 months to 2 years duration usually because of financial difficulty to proceed with the 4-year bachelor's degree in general. But actually both of these jobs are eligible way of earning a rightful living. Tony Galvez, owner of a school of cosmetology founded in 1989 is very much aware of this. As a matter of fact, he represents a group of people from Technical Vocational Schools Association of the Philippines (Tevsaphil National) as a director/ vice president for domestic affairs and public relations,  also chair of the Advocacy Committee to propose a bill for Professional Regulatory & Licensing Board for Technical Vocational Professions. 

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In my interview with Sir Tony at his 4-story building named Tony Galvez Centrum, he introduced himself as someone who is in the beauty industry since 1970's. He is very much passionate in what he do that he wants to professionalize technical vocational courses in the Philippines so that our students can compete globally. This is such an unprecendented tough challenge that he said he has never learned of any individual who tried to come up with this idea, only him. He also shared his sentiments over the current state of TESDA's offered tech voc trainings and the negative impact of the ASEAN integration this 2015 in our country.

School bulletin and announcements
Here's a summary of what he said:

"TESDA's efforts of giving free and heavily discounted technical vocational trainings do not actually give the true and real purpose of education. They are trying to simply their methods of teaching that the learning capability of the students are compromised.  For instance the Hair Care training which includes Shampooing, Hair cutting, Hair styling, Hair coloring, Hair treatment and Hair styling was downgraded to Hair cutting. The Culinary arts became Cooking. In short they provide chop-chop trainings! What kind of compensation can the students get out of this when they graduate? Do they have a chance to level up?"

"With the introduction of K12 education programme, students are now given a big chance to take vocational courses but what TESDA  offers after the completion is a CERTIFICATE. If you go abroad, this small piece of paper is not recognized. What the students need is a LICENSE to be at par with the rest of workers in the world. A certificate only gives our graduates to have an assistant or a staff position. The license can give them the chance to occupy higher posts like Manager or to be an owner of a business like a spa. "

"TESDA is killing a lot of technical vocational schools that offer more value than what their trainings can because people will always choose the ones for free or discounted curricula. Sir Tony Galvez wants TESDA to stop doing such instead let other globally recognized institutions offering technical-vocational education and training—known as TVET – which offer programs under the supervision of the TESDA itself to do the job."

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One good example is his very own school, the Tony Galvez School of Cosmetology, the country's first and only recognized by the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology in the USA so far. His school offers an international standards that our students should take to get the best skills they need.

The classroom

Regarding the ASEAN integration in 2015, he thinks we Filipinos should not prioritize this. Of the 11 countries that ASEAN represents, only Singapore is the first world country. When we go abroad we aim NOT to work in Asian countries but in the first world countries such as Canada, US, Australia, South Korea and Japan right? So why be bothered by this? 

One of his students
Sir Tony Galvez said that they have passed the proposed bill to a congressman already but it seems that the processing is very slow so they are doing their best to speed up everything. In a nutshell, he said the bill wants TESDA to become more of a regulatory body like accrediting schools when it comes to technical vocational courses then come up with a licensing division under PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) for the graduates. 

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After all this will be of mutual benefit to everyone: to the practitioners a recognition, to consumers a protection and to the government for taxes. 

For more information, you may check the official Facebook Fan Page of Tony Galvez here and his official website here. The Tony Galvez Centrum where the school, salon and his residence are located is at  124 9th Ave., near corner P. Tuazon Blvd., Araneta Center, Cubao, 1109 Quezon City.

For any comments and reactions please approach Sir Tony Galvez directly.

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