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The Simple Lang Restaurant at Ayala Triangle Gardens Makati Offers Comfort Filipino Dishes

Simple Lang is the third and last restaurant we visited during the 2-day Makati Food tour sponsored by Raintree Restaurants. I will be a bit biased here but I must say that this is the one I appreciate the most. The past two restos we dined at offer international cuisines for our breakfast and lunch which is all fine to me. But at the end of the day or should I say night since we are eating our dinner here that the one I look forward is the food that I eat every day. The food that I eat since birth. The food that is cooked by our ancestors, great grandparents and parents at home.

The ambiance of Simple Lang is casual, bright and quirky.  There's this feeling thaqt you will feel you're at home in an instant once you get inside in my opinion because the food reminds me of the one served by Mom back home.  While I was browsing their menu, I feel like I wanted to order everything that is in there because like I said, these dishes are the ones cooked by Mom but what they have is a modernized version. What I meant is sure you can also cook these in your kitchen but I'm pretty sure you won't have the exact taste as the ones here in Simple Lang. The dishes are prepared with a twist that you just have to come back here.

Tinapa Tops Salad (P175) is made of kamote leaves, tomatoes, red onions, alugbati tops kangkong and dressing of salted egg. If you are into eating greenies this is for you.The taste of salted egg and tinapa tidbitds won't really tell you that you are eating leaves. You will be surprised how this is a great combination. This is my personal favorite since I started became conscious of what I eat. 

Left: Crispy Chop Chop Pork Belly Dinakdakan (P195) is all about cubes of pork belly. At first I thought this is sisig because the looks says it is. Just imagine the taste to be somewhat similar only that there's no garlic and no egg. 

Right: Longganisa Tortang Talong Pancake (P150) consists of the usual ones we use at home - fried eggplant, salted egg, tomatoes & onion salad. This one is the grander version though in size and taste. Don't forget to have a bottle of ketchup beside when you eat this.

Seafood Bicol Express (P375) is composed of squids, clams, shrimps, fish bits and sayote. The fact that it was served hot, I love it.  Though I am curious about why it was named that way. I am from Bicol where the known Bicol express came from. The taste is somewhat different from the one I knew back home and it does not come with a soup. Maybe because this is spicy which reached my expectation, is the only one I can think of.

Mixed BBQ Plate (P575) is composed of 3 pieces of chicken inasal, chicken leg, 2 pieces of pork barbecue and 2 pieces of squid. This is the biggest temptation that night! As a full-blooded Filipina how can I resist a variety of grilled food that we all love to eat? Everything tastes so damn good except the squids because It has an aftertaste that is giving me a hint that it is not fresh. 

As always I save the best for last recognition, Sinigang na Crispy Bagnet sa Watermelon (P395) which is a sinigang with a twist. I thought the few slices of watermelon will make the soup sweeter but it was never that way. The sourness still dominates but as soon as the soup lingers all over your tongue the sweetness from the watermelon comes out. 

Of course a Filipino cuisine is incomplete without rice.  Inasal Java Rice (P160) is my top pick - rice mixed with chicken bits.  

My stomach is really, really full that night that I said I have no extra room for any dish that will be served next. When these good-looking and irresistible desserts came, I completely  forgot what I said. My stomach went empty in an instant. 

The Mango Madness Crush (P175) is made of fresh slices of mango, ice cream, sago and crushed ice. Buko Pandan (P150) is made of buko strips and pandan jellies.

For drinks, I recommend Four Seasons Punch (P150) and Mango Sago (P150) are my favorites as well.   Really great to give you the best milky and sweet chill of your favorite fruits.  But I have to tell you the best would be sipping a fresh coconut water! Sorry I cannot find this in the menu so I cannot tell the price. You may ask the staff when you visit them.

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Simple Lang is certainly one of the restaurants I will recommend to those who are wanting to eat a grander serving of our Filipino dishes with a unique twist.

Simple Lang address is located at Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati. You may check their official Facebook Fan Page here. To check a list of menu you may check here.

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